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September 18, 2008
By MustangWriter1813 PLATINUM, Crooks, South Dakota
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When winter comes my soul goes into hiding. I’m a prisoner waiting for
spring to come, I sit by my window watching the snowflakes fall like soft and light cotton balls. The air outside is freezing and intruding, piercing my body like a thousand knifes. The snowflakes fight their way down to earth.

I sit and sigh while I stare into the never ending sky of black. Everything is frozen in time, nothing seems to happen. I wonder if the winter will ever end. Still my soul is locked in a box, not letting the world see it. I still go out though and walk around town. While I walk I stop and stare, into the windows of the homes. All of the families sitting around their comfy fires. The word still flashes in my mind. It is a simple three letter word that has torn my life apart, war.

I come to a deserted road and sigh. I still wish you were here to comfort me. It’s been five years since we saw each other. I still have memories of us. You said you would be back in a year. So a year passed without a call or letter. So I waited. Nothing for two years. But I never lost hope, and never moved on. I come to a deserted road.

I sit and sigh for a new blanket of snow is starting to fall. I ask myself “will this ever end?” I stare down into the clean, white, and powdery snow. Then I look up. I see a figure walking towards me. Your majestic blue eyes finally meet with mine. But something is different, I can see the pain and suffering in your eyes. You hold me close and tell me you are here to stay. Tears erupted from my eyes from joy, or the fear that you will have to leave again, I can not decide. So there we sat for the next four hours in each others arms, as you talked and I listened. You told me how hard it was for you, to watch your friends die in your arms. And I listened as you talked. Finally it felt like spring is coming. My heart can show itself to the world without fear. That winter has finally come to an end. Spring has saved me. And with you by my side it will always feel like spring to me.
No more winters.

The author's comments:
This about two young people in love,one is in the war, while the other is missing him

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