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October 7, 2008
By Roxannethedreamer BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Roxannethedreamer BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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I screamed at the top of my lungs as I threw my torso up from my non-perfect bed. I breathed heavily as my heart beating of the rhythm of a cheetah's feet running for his prey. It's that same dream I have every day, "Crap" I spoke trying to catch my breath. I glanced over my room to look at my half digital circled clock that had read 4:07.
I chuckle to my self silently remembering that was the exact same time as last night when I woke up from the exact same dream. aggravating dream, you always make me scream at 4 in the morn I am so worn out leave me alone, can I have at least a descent dream. This makes me so angry, why am I having these stupid dreams." I thought to myself has I laid back to sleep. I pulled over my remembrance of my father who passed on some time ago. He passed on, when I started never seeing him. I was with my grandmother, while he was in the hospital suffering on the white bed until the last second ticked of his life. God had to give his clock away to a new born, because it ran out of time. The blanket had a Mother tiger holding close to its baby. You can tell that the Mother would do anything for its young. She loves her infantile. Today I live with her, my mother, Why didn’t she die, she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Oh well, I have to go to bed, Its my first day tomorrow at school if I don’t fall asleep now, I will never wake up. I like that idea, never waking up, never dealing with life just dreaming. Of course if I keep Dreaming the way I am dreaming now, I will start liking to live the life I will start to live. Darn it! I laid there imagining I was in a emerald green dress dancing like the dress in Beauty in the Beast where Belle was in the ballroom dancing with Beast. Her Yellow flowing dress that stuck out a little bit. I was dancing with a random person to a soft song. I closed my eyes and I could see it happening. I dozed off for a split second of time.
In a huge mansion in a hallway, I stood to be 6 years old again. I was holding someone's hand, when I looked up to see the hand I was holding; my father was holding my hand I smiled up at him. Together we walked down the hallway when I felt something, another presence, it made me mad, I held tighter on to my fathers hand. No one is taking him away again. I thought to my self once again. I noticed the Pictures they were all moving sceneries. Blowing breeze through a cherry tree leaves that felt all right. I starred at the picture and felt warm happiness fill my all human being. When I looked down and looked back up all the pictures all of a sudden had faces on them, they were starring at me. Please don't take him away from me again. I thought nervously all of a sudden I felt my father's hand disappear from mine. I turned around in a heartbeat the floor was cracking, he was falling into he looked at me. I could feel my tears developing as I watched him go into the hole in slow motion still holding my hand.
" Let go." He spoke to me but I heard the words just not his voice, I cried because I could not. I looked at him for acceptance of my apology through my eyes.
" Dad I have you Please just hang on," I yelled towards him. Truthfully, I couldn't hang on for all long in this body. I looked at the pictures they were empty, I felt all calm for a second until my father spoke once more.
" You will always be my angel in my eyes. I love you" He spoke and let go of my hand I knew once he said that he had given up on me. I couldn't hold on to him with his weight being twice of mine probably more. Finally, I slipped and watched as he fell in the darkest pit I had ever seen while I was laying on the edge of the broken hallway with tears running down my face, and with shock. I couldn’t stop crying, my heart was hurting, I clenched to my heart while I starred at the pitch black hole that stole my father. I Cried harder as I remembered every second of what had happened. Something inside of me was bottling up, I had to let it out but I didn’t know how, it hurt, it was going to explode. I screamed at the tops of lungs “Father!! Come back!!!”
I woke up crying like I was in my dreams I couldn’t believe what had happened, I have never had that dream before. I held my legs up towards my chest has I cried even more. I laid down in the same position trying to think of something else. Eventually I fell back asleep.

In a house I stood behind my mother has she was walking towards a man holding a gun, he was scared, and so was I. She was talking to him trying to calm him down. The only words I heard out of her, was inspiring. “ you don’t have to kill, we , humans have the right to redo our wrongs, everyone has a blank ticket. We can always start over , a re-write our lives. No one has the right to kill another”
Mother, you have no idea how long I have been waiting for you to say something like that. I love you Mom. Your protecting me, Like a tiger holding close to its young.
I was about to speak the words I was longing to say, but I knew she wasn’t worth it when I heard a gunshot, and crimson blood spilled everywhere, She fell backwards, I caught her, and cried my heart out. More than I did for my father. I held her close to my body, never letting go.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I threw my torso up from my non-perfect bed. I breathed heavily as my heart beating of the rhythm of a cheetah's feet running for his prey. It's that same dream I have every day, "Crap, Not again."

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on Sep. 25 2018 at 6:02 pm
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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This was a cool story, but I feel like it is choppy and there are blanks spots where I am missing things. However, I feel that this is awesome.