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Not It

October 3, 2013
By THATGUYBRANDON BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
THATGUYBRANDON BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"I have a Dream"

One day Richard got the idea to play tag in the rain. Everybody else didn’t want too, but Richard drug them in. They were all playing in the rain. Like always, Richard was winning. All the people driving by that rainy day in Mexico was looking at the four friends playing in the rain in vexation because they wouldn’t allow their kids to play in the rain like that.

They were getting tired so they took a break. “Why don’t we play something else”, said Becky. “I am so bored, we do this every day. Why don’t we play hide and seek”? Richard and the others agreed and they started thinking of their strategies. Richard noticed that it had stopped raining. He saw a rainbow and thought nobody will look over there to find him. So he decided to start the game. The rules were that if you got seen, you had to run and you are out if they tag you.

Richard finally arrived to the rainbow and crouched under the rainbow. He was eating his protein bar when he saw something in the bushes moving. It couldn’t be a person he thought, people aren’t that small. So he decided to just sit there because he thought it was just a dog or cat. Then out of nowhere he felt a small tap on his shoulder. He turned around and was amazed to see a small man in all green, about three feet tall, rough brown skin with a beard and a hat.
“Hello…” said the unusually small man said.

“Hey, what are you?”
“I am a leprechaun; my home boys call me Larry.”
“No, leprechauns are fake” said Richard.
“Are they…” said the leprechaun with a smirk on his face.

Richard just stood there in amazement. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Then Larry started to say something.

“You need to learn how to handle a loss, and yes I know what you did, Richard. I have been watching you ever since your accident. You call it weird, I call it my job.” Richard started pacing back and forth. He then shouted at the leprechaun
“GET AWAY FROM ME”. Then his friends heard him and ran towards him wondering what happened.

“Are you okay” all of the friends said in concern at the same time.
“Yall want to know, look over there” said Richard in vexation while pointing his finger at the bush.
“What, it’s just a bush” said Bob. Richard said no and looked over there. To his amazement, Larry was no longer there.
“Bb-but there was a leprechaun standing right there”! His friends looked at him confused.
“Richard, have you taken your medication today?” said Becky.
“Yes, I have taken all my medicine today, but there really was a leprechaun standing right there. His name is Larry.”
“What are you talking about, leprechauns are fake” said Rob.
“Breathe, Richard, breathe, we are here for you. Why is it you have been acting so weird these past two months?” They were all confused and amazed.
“What, I have not been acting weird. I am the same old Richard you have always known”, said Richard in a scared tone.
“No, you don’t know anything, you weren’t there, and you didn’t see it.”
“Richard, calm down, what did you do?”
“I did nothing, what you talking about, stop pressuring me, STOP!”
“Calm down, we have done nothing to you, just tell us what you did”. They knew Richard had done something because he acts this way only when he did something he regrets.
“Ask that one more time, and I will be done with ya’ll. Don’t mess with me.” Then, out of nowhere, Larry appeared.
“Sup, I’m Larry, he has not been lying about me, but he has kept a secret from all of us. Why don’t you go ahead and tell them what really happened that Valentine’s Day of 2004?”
“Yeah, why don’t you tell us what really happened Richard? We know you did something bad”
“I will not tell yall, ever” said Richard offensively.
“Don’t do something you will regret Richard, just calm down” said the friends in unity.
“I told ya’ll not to pressure me, its time I SNAP I am tired of ya’ll.” Richard began to pull out his 44 magnum pistol.
“STOP”, said Larry, “don’t do it!” It was too late. Richard had already shot all three friends once in the heart. That’s when Richard turned to shoot Larry. Larry was too fast and already shot Richard before he noticed he has already killed the person he was supposed to look after for his boss.
Two weeks later, Larry shot himself while hanging. Nobody knew what happened that rainy day of February.

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