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My Blood-lusting Twin

October 11, 2008
By DiamondGirl GOLD, Groveton, Texas
DiamondGirl GOLD, Groveton, Texas
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"You see her? The chic with the red curly hair and glasses?" my friend asked looking at a titanic cluster of New York City girls. "Yeah, what about her?" asked another still leaving me clueless.

There were so many! Maybe a hundred or so. How could they tell one from the next? Richard had yet to point at anybody to give us a sense of direction as to where she might be. He never did. He's been talking about her since I moved here two years ago.

My twin sister walked over, the wind whipping her hair around like it hated it or something. She smiled her genuine can-I-borrow-you-for-a-moment smile like my older sister Mimi often did when she wanted something. "What?" I asked gruffly pulling the scarf around my neck off the raw wind to gnaw on restlessly.

"What did you do that for?!" she cried wide-eyed.

Wasn't it obvious? The winter cold made her cold feel like the little gnome in our front yard; silent and watchful. Having a twin sister was annoying. Having a twin sister and an older sister was a big pain in the butt. Kind of like Richard and Carl's conversations that I have no part in. For all I knew they could be reading each others minds.

"Anyways!" she smiled radiantly holding her hair out of her face. "Do you mind doing me a favor?" "Depends what it is." which would be...? "Could you ask him out for me?" she pointed at Richard who was engrossed in another conversation with Carl. Go figure. "No." I stated while being mentally utterly apalled.

Who in the right mind would go out with Richard? Sure he attracted a lot of girls but none ever stayed long.

"Why not?!"she shreiked obviously trying to deafen me. "Because he already likes someone!" groaning I turned to leave. She grabbed my shoulder her eyes dancing around to make sure no one noticed. "Please?" she asked in her little small child-like voice she knew I couldn't resist. With a deep sigh I walked over to Richard just as Carl was leaving, "Jane wants to know if you'll go out with her." "Jane who?" he asked probably mentally going over all the Janes he knew. "Jane James, my sister. My twin sister." I clarified hoping he would turn her down. I had enough of Richard's smart remarks at school, I don't need that at home.

Richard glanced behind me to Jane who was smiling sheepishly. He nodded at her for recognition, or that's what I thought. He nods quite a lot when he recognizes things. In this came my twin. In meaning; me as a girl. Bad. Bad meaning. Bad period, she's nothing like me and I nor her.

"Your answer?" I asked unphased. "Sure, why not? She's always seemed cool to me." he shrugged.

Huh? He must really want to die because right now I felt like taking my pocket knife out of my pocket(hence the pocket part) and slitting his throat. Jane was my sister not his girlfriend!

"Whao, whao! You don't even know her?!" I cried. "And?" he shrugged. "That's the part where you say no or get some sense of that into that head of yours and no!" I suggested.

What and how did I get in this position? Since when am I the antagonist?

"Newsflash Jesse: she asked you to ask me out for her. Who am I to turn her down?" he glared at me. "B-but she's my sister!" I blubbered like an idiot. "A sister that happens to like her brother's friend. It's been happening since the beginning of time. What do you think those boys did about it?"

Kill them? Why not? I wanted to. In fact, why wasn't I?

Because he's your friend! A voice argued.

A friend who wants to go out with my twin sister who is as equally willing.

He's your sister friend! The voice whimpered now afraid.

"Nothing." he continued. "It's a part of life. Besides, I thought you knew I liked your sister?"

He what?! I looked at Jane mystefied before I realized her gold glasses reflected against the disappearing sun. Her fiery red hair still blowing about hazardously.

"I thought that's why you never said anything about it because she is your sister."

Oh. Should I kill him or keep my hands clean and hire someone else to do it? I had a thousand scenarios running through my head not one ending with Richard's heart beating. Sounds good to me.

"Jane! He says no." I called. "What? No I didn't!" he shouted. "Quick question: have you signed your Will?" I asked nicely grinning my evil smile I held especially for Jane's boyfriends. Ask them. Oh wait, you can't. "Huh? No, why?" he asked just before his face lit up in recognition with Jane's favorite oh-crap-I'm going-to-die expression.

When all was said and done I looked up at Jane. She smiled nodding her approval. Now I know why I purposely forgot and constantly made myself reforget everytime he mentioned her. I'd failed my friends to satisfy my blood-lusting twin.

The author's comments:
Critisism would be nice, bad or good I don't care. I know I need it.

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on Sep. 18 2013 at 12:03 pm
AnInkling SILVER, Castle Rock, Colorado
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“This is your life. Is it everything you dreamed that it would be, when the world was younger and you had everything to lose?” Switchfoot
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I found it extremely entertaining! Though at the begining, I had a little bit of trouble following the story line (like I had to re-read the third paragraph three times to figure out what made the twin cry out). But it reminded me so much of one of my good friends and I, that I enjoyed it so much! My favorite part would probably be the comment about non plans ending "with his heat still beating." 

DarkChyld said...
on Oct. 16 2008 at 9:23 pm
I know I messed up a lot on this. I guess I didn't proof read it like I thought I did. Sorry :(