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My, What Big Eyes You Have

October 13, 2008
By reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty." -Stephen King
Stormy clouds engulf her body, the evil spews out of her mouth. Her eyes disappear, sink away, and dark black clouds shape her into a monster once again. She stands, enraged. At any second she could murder an innocent by stander. Hot red coals take the place of her eyes, reminding me of Scary Face. Sharp fangs grow instantly, splitting my heart into two. I feel like it could burst at any second, with such intense evil in her eyes. She has long forgotten me. My eyes stick with the transforming monster, throwing selfishness through the room. Water seeps from my eyes, whether tears from sadness, or from the terrifying sight, I still do not know. A heavy burden builds upon me, knowing the once sweet, sincere girl has been morphed into the mess before me.
Expectantly, she hisses at me, causing me to flinch.

I can feel the transformations take place, I know that right across the room, Scary Face is luring her out. He calls for her, she obeys. Their sick pattern is making my stomach twist and beg for mercy. I wonder how they became this mess.

She has a boyfriend. I think to myself, then remember what she had already told me in the past.

She said she cheated on every one of them… with Scary Face.

I wonder if this is their deal, lying, cheating, spreading hate to any one possible. When did things get so bad? When did she lose her soul?

I can't stop looking, knowing something isn't right. How does someone just throw their self away for someone else? How can you just sit there and let someone else control your every move?

He tells what to do, and she listens. Like a wounded puppy begging for love, she waits for his command. I want to scream and beg her to stop, to wake up and become Lauren again, yet every chance I get, Scary Face pulls her away, as if pulling her leash and throwing her into the dog house.

Suddenly I'm bombarded with another memory on the list of unwanted downfalls. She stands in the hallway, laughing after every sentence. They crowd around her, and she feeds them half lies, half secrets which I've entrusted to her. Again and again, secrets hit the floor and shatter my heart. I stand behind, listening to her break every promise she's ever offered. Pain swells in my throat and my stomach, but all I can do is walk away. I have no strength. She's taken every ounce of life I have, and thrown it down the drain. So called best friend.

I look across the room and see her once again. My eyes shut tightly, and I imagine an escape. My desk flies across the room and I scream with the most force possible, throwing her again and again against the wall, begging for her soul to explode and leave her dark trail behind. I wait for the day, when I'll see her and watch the evil float above us, out of the room, to the stars, the sky, any where but this classroom, where she hovers over me, spoiling every breathe I take. I dream of her waking up from her lock, under the arms of Scary Face. I plead for the day to come, just a moment, where she seems to have a heart, where she seems to resemble anything like a friend. The bell rings for next period, and I walk away crying, knowing I can't save her. I can't even save myself from her.

The author's comments:
This piece is an excerpt from a story I have been writing for a long time. Over the summer, I spent my days and nights working on this book, "Drop the was." It is inspired by my freshman english teacher and everyone in my life. This is my favorite part, with so much emotion. I hope you enjoy it.

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