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The Man Who Wasn't MAG

By Anonymous

   He was completely alone

He was alone

In a fragment of nothing

No light, no sound

No feeling

Where was his body

He tried to move

In his panic

But there was nothing

To move

Just as everything had vanished

He was gone too

But where

He began to


He felt his limbs

First his arms

Then his legs

He blinked his eyes

Then he blinked again

He realized

He was the only thing there

Everything else

Must still be back there

Back there

In the hole of nothingness

He began to feel his heart

Beat in the cage

Of his ribs

As though it had stopped before

The tingling

in his arms and legs

grew stronger

He felt everything

begin to move

This feeling of moving

Was somewhat like

The feeling of being in the ocean

Out in the ocean

Beyond the rising and falling

Of the waves

Lying in the

Moving water

Pulsing gently

With the swells

And feeling the slight tug

Of the moon

What was happening

He began to feel

His legs begin

To slowly

Fade away

The feeling went

Up his spine

And through his arms

His eyes

Were getting blurry

The feeling


his body

As he fell back

Back into the hole of


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This article has 2 comments.

i love this !

swifty said...
on Jan. 26 2011 at 8:01 pm
that was incredibly wonderful. i really liked this