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Alice Sleeps Alone MAG

By Anonymous

   As soon as I drank the potion, I was swept from my feet and pulled through a growing door. No, I was getting younger. Someone had their hands over my eyes and sweet they smelled like a twisted curl of tigers. My love sank into the warmth of a body who wrapped around me and held me in one piece.

Just as I had forgiven my hate and almost surrendered to death, you came, made me smile with hunger for your taste. Oblivious to the odyssey that once was my life, I was transfixed by the soft pelt that was your skin. Suddenly your hands and body dissipated into a million fragments and were driven away by a busy wind. I was left with only the distant sound of your voice and a deep penetrating memory of your smell.

Now vulnerable I wake my eyes to see a floor of spikes coming closer. The toes in my wooden shoe were frightened. The snakes about my world were writhing about my neck and shocked I was by the visions of exploding colors and tempted hate returning to my core.

Quit calling me and forcing me to search when you are gone. Stop ripping me; I'm threatening myself with tears and screaming out to God. I can't untwine my wings and the white rabbit is too worried about time to face me with his words. In this lullaby, I am doomed. You said you'd always be there but why must I rest in a shell. Love is a trap and Alice sleeps alone. 1

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i love this !