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When People Be Faken

April 11, 2014
By Anthony Garraway BRONZE, Fort Riley, Kansas
Anthony Garraway BRONZE, Fort Riley, Kansas
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To be fake you have to do something fake. My old friend Anthony was fake, he told me he was on my side the whole time. Then I found out Anthony was on the other kid’s side. I had no choice but to tell him we couldn’t be friends anymore. He was telling the other kid I was not popular and that he didn’t care for me. I wasn’t gonna even think about putting up with that.
Honestly Anthony was a really cool person, and I never thought he would do that to me. Yet I was wrong about Anthony. This is what happened. I was at lunch and a kid pushed me. The teacher didn’t see though. So he saw it and was on my side then when I left he walked over to the other kid that pushed me and told him that Anthony was on my side, after he had already said that he was on my side.
That right there was defiantly fake. I am not one of those people who are gonna let people be fake on me. That’s not who I am and I am not gonna let that slide.
Another fake thing Anthony did when we were friends awhile back was, I was dating a girl also, he said he didn’t like her. He even swore. Then he texted my girlfriend saying that she should break up with me. He never even told me he was trying to do that, and never would have.
My girlfriend told me. I was just so shocked that Anthony did that to me. I and he were best friends. Then I went to him asking him if it was true. Then he denied it! I had to get proof. So I took my girlfriends phone and had to pull out the messages as proof.
There is one more thing he did. I had asking him if he were using me for my lunch and he said no. So I started giving him my lunch every single day at school. So he also sat with me at lunch. Then I stopped giving him my lunch, I told him I want to start eating my lunch now. Then he said that’s fine.
Then later that night he started talking bad about me on twitter. I didn’t even know it for a while. Then he said he didn’t want to sit with me at lunch anymore. He stopped talking to me. He even stopped coming over to my house, he didn’t even say hi in the hallways anymore. I kind of got the hint that he didn’t want to be my friend anymore. This is very immature in my opinion. He is doing this all over a little lunch. There is no reason a person should have to be fake. There is no reason for a person to have to be fake and lie to a person. Why can’t people just be honest with other people instead of lying to them? Well that’s all I had to say about being fake.

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