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He Will Never Leave You.

October 6, 2014
By Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
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He appeared, this man, in a cloak came to me in a dream, he showed me this little girl, she was so small, had long bright blonde hair, the only thing i felt were good vibes, she looked at us and smiled, then everything turned grey, this little girl grew up, he hair went short, and turned dark brown, her eyes went black, and her dress turned into a torn shirt and some shorts. “Can you tell the difference? Can you tell that she went from innocence into, what she is now? She’s always wondering whether she should go back, and make the people around her happy. She’s lost, go to her, talk to her, and from there you will understand why I’m here”.

He said this so calmly like as if there was nothing wrong,

Thunder rumbles across the grey sky, I walk slowly making sure that i don’t hit a crack wrong, she looks like she’s crying, lightning strikes, another, and another this time hitting a small plant next to her, theres a black circle mark where the tree used to be, she hasn’t moved an inch. What is wrong with her? Does she not know what's going on? Is she just too scared to move? To afraid that if she moves she'll get hit by lightning? Just a few more footsteps and I’m there. More thunder and lightning, almost like a strobe light, She’s in arm reach, do i touch her shoulder? Do i sit down next her? My thoughts were interrupted with a voice, a young voice, but not as young as childs, more like a teenager, I look around following the sound of this voice, it led right down to her, “Don’t go. I know i don’t look like I’m a good person, but i am, please don’t leave me.” Why does she think I’m gonna leave her? “I've been alone for too long and i need someone to hold me, I’m cold, he left me here, just like i was some lost puppy or something” “Look at me.”
She hesitates at first but then turns and faces me, the ends of her short hair are in her eyes, she moves them to the side, and then, almost as if a mirror was put in front of me, her face was my face, how, i don’t understand.
Then that was when i remembered everything that happened to e when i went through this stage, the stage of feeling alone, the feeling of falling and never landing. I gasped and placed my palm over my mouth, she looks at me with these eyes, that are screaming for help, and are confused. “How is this?” Everything pauses in midpoint, He walks up to me, smiles and looks down. “I didn’t think she would actually look at you, I bet you that this is kindda weird, Seeing yourself as a young adult again, but thats what the world is made of, right? full of surprises?” I looked down, at the black spot, at first i thought i was hallucinating but then i knew i wasn’t, a yellow poppy flower sowing coming up from the surface slowly, ever so slowly blooming. “My favorite.” i whispered this to myself hoping the man wouldn’t hear me. He catches my glimpse at this flower, “Now thats strange, This flower is trying to show that there is hope, when in reality there is none. Didn’t you used to play in these when you were a little girl? I remember because i was right there with you, don’t you remember? we used to pick flowers”
“Stop it”
“We would sing songs, especially ‘Ring around the Rosie’”
“I said stop it”
He looked at me with those eyes, those eyes i hate so much, but yet used to bring me joy when i was a little girl, he looked back down, gave a smile “Ring around the rosie” his voice, young yet old at the same time.
“Pockets full of posies”
“I said stop!!!” I pleaded him, yet he continued, almost as if this gave him pleasure.
“Ashes! Ashes!”
I crouched down into a rock position, rocking myself back and forth, the sounds of my giggling came back, the sound of my voice talking.
“We all fall down”
Its silent, no thunder, no lightning cracks, just silence. Although there is a smell, a very slight smell, but still something there. Do I dare look up? Do i dare open up to the place where I’m at? Without thinking about it, i do, i look up. The girl is gone, along with the dark skies, the thunder booms, and the lightning crashes, all of it. Gone. Now its a big field, yellow orange. Swaying left to right, I look to my left and pick a flower from its stiff stem. “Yellow poppy flowers” i felt the whisper out of my breath, I look to the right, same. This couldn’t be. I can’t be back where i was when i was five. No I don’t want to be here, i can’t. I stand up to try and leave, but as soon as I’m up, I hear it. The giggling i tried so hard to forget, I look around trying to find her, i stop, there she is. She’s so small, so fragile, so happy. She’s running around filled with happiness. I feel a tear strolling down my face, my lips are quivering.
“I got rid of this place! I forgot about this place for a reason! Why can’t you just let me live without this!” I yelled as loud as i could, the girl continued laughing, almost as if she couldn’t hear me. She starts singing, “London bridge is falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down” almost in sync that horrible voice joined in
“My fair lady” they sang it in unison, she looks up a smile goes upon her face, she shrieks, “Wesson!!” She runs full speed towards him. “No! No stop it! Get away from him!” It was no use, she couldn’t hear me, I started to sob, like a baby. All I could do, sit and watch. He throws her in the air only to catch her, they picked flowers. “You wanna sing a song?” He asked this as if, he knew I was there, wanting to see me suffer. “Sure, I love singing.”
“Ok, do you know, Ring around the Rosie?”
“I sure do!” she said this with such excitement.
He smiles and says perfect, she takes his hand, they walked for a while, until they reached a small cabin. This cabin, was so small, the walls were orange, that horrible orange. He reaches the front yard, and thats when it starts.
“Ring around the rosie, pockets full of posies, ashes..ashes..we all fall DOWN!!”
The little girl giggles, they fall down into another field of yellow poppy flowers, she’s giggling “Were best friends, right Wesson?”
“Of course, forever and always, no matter how old you get.”
“Momma says your not real, she says you're my imagination, she said that i had to let go of you sometime or i’ll never be a grown up.”
“Well thats not true, because no matter how old you get ill still be here.” his finger pointed towards her heart.
“Wesson, I promise I’m never growing up, you’re my only friend in the world.”
In the distance you hear a slight sound, almost as if its a mother calling for her daughter. “Bye wesson, i'll see you tomorrow!”
“Ill be here waiting for you” she giggles and runs towards back that house.
I let out a scream, and start to cry again, he was making me watch the part of my life i hate so much. “WHY DO YOU HATE ME? WHY CAN’T YOU LET ME BE? I NEVER WANTED TO COME BACK TO THIS PLACE!!” I screamed as loud as i could, I crouch back down, I find a rock to throw at him, I get into  throwing position, the arm is back. “No, No No No No” Wesson put me back in the house i hate so much, the house i was trying to break down the hell hole of my life. I started to walk towards that room, the room i used to love, every step was followed by a cracking noise, or a creak. I passed the kitchen, while passing it, I saw my past happening before my eyes, another tear, what a baby I am, theres a door, is closed. I know what has happened in there, I remember everything. I take a deep breath, hesitate to put my hand on the doorknob, but I still do it. While turning the knob dust falls out, I open the door, to where its almost like a little crack. A little bit farther, her voice, its there. “Wesson? Is that you?”.....

The author's comments:

Wesson is real, and once he sings with you, theres no going back.

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Starakk SILVER said...
on Oct. 17 2014 at 9:28 am
Starakk SILVER, Nowhere, Other
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nice one! really liked it

on Oct. 14 2014 at 8:06 pm
Promethean SILVER, Kanpur, Other
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trin, this needs no ediiting and this is the way you must express youself but do avid use of a single word over and over. 

on Oct. 13 2014 at 10:05 pm
MashaBoom SILVER, Mooresville, North Carolina
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Hey girl, awesome story. Just wish i could write this good. :D