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A World in Chaos

February 10, 2015
By monsterman0304 BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
monsterman0304 BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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“The world has begun its decent into hell, as the world powers hath fallen to the demon over lord. The war between light and dark has begun and we are the warriors. Since the underworld rose up our home has become a battle field, the angels brought weapons to humanity to defend ourselves with but even then the demons have over powered us. As they fight in what seems to be an endless battle we tremble in our homes. But I say no more. Let us fight alongside our saviors and bring the world back to life!” the crowd roars in anticipation. Have I finally taken my place in the world? Am I to lead the humans alongside the angels against hell? I have chosen this path and intend to stay. I raise my fist in the air to signify our strength. They rise as well. “Let’s send these bastards back where they came from!” again the roaring starts as I step down from the stage.

It has been five years since the war between heaven and hell began. I know everyone in that crowd has lost someone to the demon rain. As they make fire and ash fall from the sky we sit in eternal darkness. Our lord Jesus fights with his army but even his great powers can’t defeat the demon army. Not alone. I finally make it down the stairs and into my tent. To describe what our home looks like is inhumane, thousands of us starving and cold. Huddled together around a can fire I see their soot covered faces light up as I walk by them. I must stop this, no matter the cost.

As I finally sit down on my cot one of my men walk in. “Jackson, how are you old friend?” I stand up and shake him by the hand. He greats me with a heavy smile. “it has been awhile my friend. But I come not baring good news, our scouts have found demon tracks not far outside the walls, their smoking foot prints have proven they draw nearer. The holy water will not last forever. What must we do.” The smile on my face begins to fade, our city is surrounded by a wall standing over six hundred feet tall, and he is right, the holy water will not keep them away for long. “Sir?” I bring my eyes to his, “ready the archers”. He nods in agreement, then leaves the tent.
I can hear him shouting commands. He is my second in command, my best friend, and my brother. As the commands end I hear the stomping of men. I begin to rise and leave my courters. I approach the armory and take a breath, I must be calm. I walk in to find my men shackling their swords to their sides and bow and arrow to their back. “Men, today we fight, for the love of our people we fight to protect them, we fight to live, and we fight to survive.”  They stare at me in pride, the strength I see in their eyes and in their hearts is phenomenal. “Jesus needs our help to send these monsters back, and so we shall, with the help of the angel bows and silver blades of heaven we will prevail against the darkness. Now who is with me!” they shout with anticipation, but I still see the fear inside them, inside us all. “May god be with you.”


The author's comments:

this is a short stories kinda that will come in several part, enjoy part 1

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