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some craziness that i created =)

March 26, 2009
By musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
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"Normal is overrated." - Gregory House

i'm more than u thought more than your ever gonna b so go on w/ yourself & live through the smiles the tears & the madness its a crazy ride but its what we live 4 to enjoy the locomotion of this roller-coaster going to the sun can u see into the twilight of your existence no i didn't think so i'm gonna change the world melt the sun and rise the oceans u can't see me but i see u past the light past the darkness and this new age stuff the wrinkle in time its gonna b fine cuz love is a battlefield and u gotta b happy but don't worry cuz life doesn't have time to b filled w/ your negative stuff u call thoughts and concerns it s a jumbled puzzle where wishes at 11:11 fail and fortune cookies hold the only hope what r u gonna do w/ yourself when you've gone away because i'm more then what your brain power could think of more then what your heart could handle the only thing u control is your sims2deluxe game but that's only with the will power off even then the power is not it your grasp things u can't see aren't believed but they're there waiting and waiting to jump and go BOO you'll cry and wish u were five w/ your rainbow colored toe socks and your sugar sandwiches in the magical kingdom in that cardboard box that needs to be filled w/ stuff when u move outer space is like ur mind unknown and more then what u thought like me i'm gonna blow the world, change it and rearrange it it'll b like dancing in the rain and getting married in Las Vegas they do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around now your stuck in the middle w/ me w/ shooting stars and dragon-ball Z and when kim possible can't do the impossible tele-tubbies step in so blues clues and magenta kick there butts w/ their ninja dance moves i'm gonna be the graceful ballerina, the commander in chief, the crazy old lady, and the fly on your wall.
i'll be more then anything, i'll b everything which is more then anything.

The author's comments:
this came out of nowhere =)

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