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Days Of The Week

April 25, 2018
By AsenathRose GOLD, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
AsenathRose GOLD, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me,"--Shakespeare

Sunday- blue sky sunrises, golden plates echoing off the walls, spontaneous laughter, lunch with family, lazy not-quite-sure what to do evenings, the rush of a river, early night-in, gone too soon, a lazy voice asking what year it is
Monday- defiant late-sleeping, dark circles, funny tea mugs, chugging coffee, half-empty glasses, a boat setting off to sail, trembling hands fumbling on piano notes, screaming to the tune of the silent night
Tuesday- the awkward silence, moonlight, doodles all over hands, the random pet project, the paper-stink of failure, shy smiles, echoes, clay cliffs, art museums, an eerie nursery rhyme, cucumbers on the eyes
Wednesday- random excitement, the island within the storm, distant music notes, a candlelight, happy screams, intense randomness, mermaids with their tales in the air, brown glittering eyes
Thursday- confused anime characters, the reflection of the sun, i-don’t-care attitude, tee shirts and no bra, late morning wakeups, the fan you forgot to turn off, promising yourself to eat healthily, strangers whose faces look familiar
Friday- the top of the roller coaster, wind rush, high heels, the feeling of worry for no apparent reason, texting too late into the night, giggles from down the hall, iced tea, laughter echoing as the sun goes down, best-friend looks
Saturday- random cuts that you don’t know where they came from, the beauty of a blank page, doppelgangers, rainbows glittering with rain, smiles from creepy strangers, bad frozen yogurt, excitement

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