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Doctor who: River Song short story:

June 3, 2021
By Anonymous

"Hey! No! Give that back! I love that hat! OI!" In a very interesting outfit, including a tweed jacket, a man ran around a complex console, chasing a woman with a curly explosion of hair.

"Not in a billion years, sweetie!" Yelled River Song gleefully. 

"But that's mine!" The Doctor complained, arms outstretched and swiping at the fez that River held.

"Not anymore!" 

"But..." The Doctor trailed off, slowing until he stood, a bit sadly, leaning against the Tardis console. 

"Out of the way!" Announced River, pushing past the Doctor, who blocked her path.

Then he had an idea. He began to run again, chasing River, then turning abruptly, so River ran straight into him. She squealed in surprised annoyance as she bumped into him, drooping the fez. 

YES!, The Doctor thought, leaning down to scoop the fez up. "AHA!" He yelled. "Got it!"

"Not so fast, tweed!" River yelled in response, grabbing the fez off of the Doctor's head. She began to run. Again. The Doctor drooped visibly.

"Aww, cheer up, sweetie! I'm doing you a favor!" River called. The Doctor pouted in response.

River smirked. "You could use a few fashion tips, after all."


The End


Hope you enjoyed! Thx for reading! Pls comment!

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