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Warrior cats fanfiction: Lakeclan's journey (Part one)

June 3, 2021
By Anonymous

Brindlestar shifted her paws, eyeing the clan that stood before her. Her Clan. The one she'd sworn to protect.

Her mate, and deputy, Shadowspring, stood just below the high-rock where she stood. He looked at her encouragingly. His eyes told her, "Go on! You can do it! I will support you, whatever your decision"

She sighed, and sat back. "Lakeclan," She began slowly, sadly. "We have to leave." She continued, though dismayed gasps and whispered sentences followed her announcement. "We cannot stay here any longer. Not with the other clans pushing us back, fighting our every decision. We are more than that! No, we can't stay." She ended her short speech with a sad mrroww.

"What if we don't want to go?" Yowled Bristleleaf.

Brindlestar just shook her head silently.

Shadowspring stood up, his voice ringing through the clearing. "Separate into groups. Those who will stay and journey with Lakeclan, come to me. Those staying here, with the other clans, or leaving the clans... leave, now. You have made your decision."

Lakeclan's only elder, Redwhisker, stood up bravely and limped to Shadowspring's side. "No!" He insisted. " You can't stop me. I am loyal to Lakeclan, and I will journey with you." He sat proudly next to his deputy.

Bluethistle, a senior warrior, joined Redwhisker almost immediately. "I'm in." He said.

Softpaw, Thornpaw, and Berrypaw followed suit. Ivydew, Dawnfall, Skygaze, Riverwhisper, and Quicksilver joined the apprentices. Owleye and Sparklingstream, the Medicine cats, also joined them. With a tiny bit of hesitation, Mapleleaf picked up her single newborn kit and joined the group. 


The other fifteen cats turned and walked out of Lakeclan's camp.


(Look for part two, coming soon!)

The author's comments:

This part short, and doesn't have much plot, but that's because it's an introduction to the Story. Thx for reading.

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