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The Restart

October 6, 2021
By Anonymous

 On the day of September 23, 2051, Kirito was sleeping at his desk not paying attention to class as always.All of a sudden a loud noise was heard by all waking Kirito up and turning all heads towards the window of the classroom. “BOOOM” another loud noise goes off every other minute “BOOOM” one after another.After all the noise was over everyone quickly pulled out their phones to figure out what happened but no juice...No one's phone or laptop was working.Kirito was most worried because all he cared about was his electronics, but nothing worked!Kirio spent most of his highschool years not talking and just playing games after school with no one.Not caring about others and not worrying about how they thought about him.Now quickly realizing no technology is working feeling more alone than ever.Everyone in the building rushed home the teachers ,staff, and the entire student body..Everyone but Kirito who stood there analyzing the situation and hoping what he thought wasn’t correct.That all technology was forever gone!

   October 1, 2051, a week has gone by now and still no juice.Kirito and his sister Sarah who were as close as glue went by the town square.Everyone huddled together trying to figure out if all technology was off for good.The mayor Rey Amamiya finally said “We do not know anything as of now, but remain calm and organized the situation will be solved.” Rey walked back to his office not caring one bit.Kirito and Sarah knew of Rey’s behavior and how he didn’t care about the public at all, but knew something must be done to figure out what's going on.Kirito told Sarah to hurry home so he could go find out any news to why the technology shut off, he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Sarah.Kirito then set out his journey to figure out what happened to all technology.Kirito asked all around town through a piece of paper of who was closest to the noises, but everyone stayed quiet locked in their houses awaiting news.Kirito didn’t like that all of his electronics were gone he wanted to know how to fix it.He was going to find out how.

    October 23, 2051, a few weeks have gone by with nothing to be heard from, Rey locked up in his office not answering anyone’s questions, yet somehow he was spotted with his cellphone.A journalist named Jacob Yamaha came in to question Rey Amimiya about the situation but instead caught a glance of him using technology even though it was all off.Jacob then proceeded to post about his findings, but no one believed him.Kirito read about the report and wanted to meet with Jacob to talk about the theories he has, and talk about how the people are starting to act.Acts of violence and people getting in groups like an apocalypse is occurring, trashing local homes and causing riots throughout the town.Jacob noticing changes in people's actions and how they are acting more and more like animals just because they lost their technology.Kirito and Jacob now having this long discussion about what's going to on to come to a resolution, and try to get the press and people to understand what they are realizing.Rey notices Jacob’s and Kirito’s new article are against him and tries to imprint an idea in all the town peoples heads that Jacob is the cause of the extinction.Rey has his own group of people in the town who support him as king and listen to all his needs and wants.Sending all his troops after Jacob like a pack of hyenas.Jacob now on the run from everyone throughout the town not knowing what to do or how to proceed.

    A whole month has gone by and everyone has gotten much worse, people losing lives, groups of power taking over, and Rey being the supreme leader.Kirito and Jacob hiding at his house thinking of ways to set out and distinguish all the terrible acts.They come up with the plan of going to town hall and expressing themselves trying to get into everyone's head and fix what's going on.Kirito and Sarah set off to town square without Jacob so they will be split up having more chances of survival, with Jacob leaving shortly after rushing over to town square along with the siblings.Not all things end up being goodAll three of the heroes are met up with Rey at town square...


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I have a very expressive ind but i wanna be able to use it

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