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Kingdomhearst Fan Fic Another Chance, Another heart

October 16, 2009
By Anonymous

CH.1 Many questions, no answers

“These people will not be like you, you must give them their space child…” diz said a few more things about the rules as he explained them to me, I was just hoping that these two people wouldn’t judge me by my appearance and that I had actually found a place that I could actually call home.
Diz opened the door and went inside, I walked slowly behind him and what I saw when I went in… the sight overwhelmed me the mansion was beautiful, but dirty… I realized what my work was and that it was definitely cut out for me.
“Hello?” A nervous female voice said.
“Ah!” I screamed.
“It’s ok! I didn’t mean to scare you.”
When I turned around I saw a girl, a beautiful young girl with the lightest blonde hair I had ever seen and her eyes were a light blue, like a frozen lake in the chill of winter.
“Diz told me to show you to your room.” she said. “We have new clothes for you and everything else you will need.”
“Oh.” I replied. “Thank you miss…”
“Namine`.” she replied in a humble sweet tone. “My name is namine`.”
“Ok then, show the way namine`.”
“Right this way.” She replied.
“Namine`” it was a beautiful yet unusual name, I thought it would have been anna, betty, or even like olette, but namine`… I was starting to wonder if these strange people were from here in twilight town.
“My name is Xena… so… what do you do here namine`?”
“I work, but not the type of work you will do. Here’s your room right here… I was wondering, do you know how to cook?”
“Yes, quite well. I replied.”
“Then after you have cleaned up and have gotten dressed you better start on dinner, Axel gets pretty cranky if he’s hungry and… I’m not the best cook.”
“Axel?” I asked.
“He’s a good friend of mine, and he helps diz with his research.”
“Oh, what type of research does he do?”
“Uh… I have to go now. See you at dinner.”
“Oh, ok then.”
As I shut the door I wondered what that was all about with namine`, the moment I asked about his research she turned pale and nervous, and for a girl like her pale is a ghostlike pale,
“I guess I’ll find out later.” I said to myself.
The clothes were very nice there were sweaters, coats, pants, and many other types of clothing “she really did mean everything.” as I looked around my new room I saw plenty of books for me to read, and I even had my own shower! It didn’t take me 5sec. to jump into it and turn it on!
I showered for about half an hour before I got dressed in a purple sweater and blue jeans, I went downstairs to start on dinner the kitchen was right down the hall from the stairs, it was a beautiful kitchen it had every kind of cooking utensil imaginable! And it was stocked to the brim with food!
I started on dinner right away I made chicken fettuccine with French bread; I had just started setting up when I heard a male voice talking to diz, “huh?... that was weird I didn’t hear the door open.” A few seconds later namine` came in with who I assumed was axel, axel was thinly built and his hair was spiky and grown out, his hair was the color of red flame and his eyes… they were a unnatural color of bright green, they looked as if they had many secrets behind them… they were mysterious yet enchanting.
“Is it ready?” He asked in a tired voice.
“… Yes.” I said dazed.
I couldn’t move I don’t know why! My brain screamed at my legs to move but my eyes just looked at him with wonder.
“Uh… are you ok?” He asked.
“Oh, uh… yes of course! Here you go.”
“Stupid! Stupid! S-T-U-P-I-D! How can I be so stupid!”
What was going on here! Was diz picking up freakin super models!? Because that’s exactly what namine` and axel were, they were just too beautiful to be real. I was just about to ask axel if we could do something together, sometime, at anytime, anywhere but then… he started talking to namine` “…well there goes my dream.” I was eating my fifth plate slowly, depressed that the most beautiful guy I had met already had a girlfriend when a far off voice asked “how old are you…”
“How old are you?” Axel asked.
“Oh, I’m 18.”
“18… that’s a good age…”
We were silent for a moment.
“Speak you idiot! Say something! So… how long have you guys been here?”
“Nearly a year now, we probably won’t be here for much longer though.”
“Oh… is that good?”
“Matters on the opinion.” He said.
We were silent for a few more moments,
“So… do you guys have any other friends?”
What happened next…? I don’t even know what happened! Axel jumped from his seat and he rushed out of the room so fast that if you had recorded it on a camera, you would have had to slow the film down to see what happened.
“What did I say?” I asked in a surprised voice.
“He doesn’t like to talk about old friends much; he’s had a tough past with friends.” Namine replied.
“Oh… I see.”
A few hours later when I had cleaned all the dishes and I was in the middle of dusting there was a knock at the door,
“I’ll get it.” Axel said in an annoyed tone.
The next thing I heard was diz shouting my name from the doorway entrance,
“Xena! Get over here and help us!”
As I ran to the door diz kept shouting at me different commands, go get a free room, go do this, go do that, I think diz was very stressed out and that was putting it nicely, but as I got to the door I found out what the commotion was about they were carrying a boy in from outside, he had a very deep gash on his head and he looked like he was unconscious.
“Quick! Go get a room xena!”
I ran as fast as I could to find the first free room I could, I quickly found one and opened the door as they pushed me out of the way.
“Quick! lay him down axel, xena go get some bandages.” Diz said.
I couldn’t move, the bandages were in my hand but I couldn’t move… my mind was in so much shock of the scene, that only the smell of the blood knocked me back to my senses,
“Here you go.” I said to diz.
“I have no idea how to treat this type of wound!” Diz shouted.
“Well we’ve got to do something!” Axel shouted back.
I could see that the men were too busy arguing with each other to do anything to help the boy so I calmly walked in and bandaged up the boy, when I turned around two very shocked open-mouthed men were looking at me.
“How… did… you…?” Axel stuttered.
“I simply wrapped it up, the wound wasn’t that deep.” I explained.
Axel just stood there with his mouth open.
“Well, well, well, I think that we have an excellent healer on our hands.” Diz said in an excited voice. “Then… riku will be in you care.”
“Riku? In my… what?!”
“That’s his name, although he might not remember it.” Axel replied.
“What!” I shouted. “What happened to him?!”
“He’ll probably remember with time.”Axel said calmly. “But if he doesn’t remember when he wakes up don’t tell him, let him remember himself.”
Both axel and diz left the room, what was going on here? Why was riku in the condition he was in? What research were they doing? Why was namine` afraid of diz? As I was shutting the door I heard diz and axel shouting down the stairs, but all I heard was “I will not harm roxas!” and then silence… a deadly silence, a silence that could hush the loudest soul. I shut the door quietly behind me… now another question had to be answered, who was roxas?

The author's comments:
i was inspired by both my freind, and my love for can read the rest of it at this adress

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