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If The Shoe Doesn't Fit...

October 23, 2009
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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"OW! Stop pulling my ear! THIS TIME I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!"

My heart sagged as my step-mother, Emilia Tremaine(Or Lady Tremaine as I was made to call her) ordered me to clean the whole house. This house was more like a mansion, with it's two stories, attic, and many rooms. The first floor had a library, kitchen, laundry room, living room, dining room, and a room for Lucifer. Then of course, Diane and Anna (My evil step-sisters), and Lady Tremaine had rooms on the second floor, leaving me to the attic.

I almost started sobbing right then, as she pushed me hard onto the tile floors, kicking me as I fell. I just softly whimpered, and grabbed my bucket and sponge, crawling over to the corner and starting my work. Lady Tremaine's laugh echoed throughout the house, and her shoes click, click, clicked on the tiles as she walked away. I shivered silently, and continued my cleaning.

When I had finished the kitchen tiles, I started for the living room, until I heard the giggles of my step-sisters. They ran in, skirts held up, as their muddy boots ruined all my hard work. They giggled more, running through the house, and chanting “Messy messy!”. I just stared, shocked, at the ruined floors, and how much more work was ahead.

“Oh, Ella, we are SOOOO sorry!! I can't believe how messy we made this place. Ha! Sucks for you!!” Diane cried, laughing harder, as Anna scraped off more mud onto the floor. I gripped my sponge hard, my fingernails digging into it. They ran off, calling to Lady Tremaine. I grumbled silent curses under my breath and getting back to work. It was only the weekend, and I had tons of homework to do before Monday! Diane and Anna didn't ever do their homework, as they were very popular girls. I hated that about them.... They got whatever they wanted just because they had nice clothes, and were pretty!

Forgetting about my family, I hurried to clean the floors, and smiled when all my work was done. Sighing, I knew I had to cook dinner, and serve it on silver platters for my step-family, not getting to eat any of it for myself. My father was always at work, never home, and I was sure I knew why; It was because of this new family...

“Ella!” A voice screamed from the living room, echoing in my ears.

“Be right there,” I yelled weakly, putting down the plates and forks I had pulled out, after getting to the kitchen. I scurried through the doorways, careening into the living room. I tripped on the rug, and fell onto the ground, face filled with the smell of fur, produced by our cat Lucy.

“God, you are SO clumsy, Ella,” Anna replied, looking down at me, and swiftly kicking my leg. I kept in my pain, slowly getting up.

“Ella, the girls and you as well, got an invitation from Jasper Kay to go to his Sweet 16. You MAY go if you finish all your chores. It's tomorrow,” Lady Tremaine said, as she handed me a list of what I would have to do.

“And if you can even get a dress that ISN'T rags,” Diane quietly smirked.

“So, I need to finish these chores, and I can go?!?!” I exclaimed, jumping up and down, my grubby jeans clinging to my unwashed body. Between chores, and hurrying to do anything Diane and Anna required, I had no time to get showered....

“Yes. But, you'll have to sew your own dress!” Lady Tremaine cackled, leaving the room, as my step-sisters followed laughing.

I sighed, reading my three page list of chores, and trying to figure out what to do. How could I get my own dress, do these chores, and be presentable for the party?? I couldn't...Exactly... This seemed to be all a ploy where I wouldn't get to go, and would have my hopes ruined.

The day of the party was here! Even though I was disappointed that I probably wouldn't get to go, I was still partially excited. I finished my chores at 6:00 P.M, with time to get my dress made. I walked upstairs to the attic, opening the wooden trunk that sat at the end of my bed. I pulled out the satin, pink fabric that I had found for a steal at the mall. Rubbing my face against the soft material, I smiled, and thought of how beautiful my dress would look.

I made it with long sleeves, flowing and ebbing, as the connected to a tight bodice, that led out to a flowing skirt. I put it on, and slipped into my silver sandals, that were the only splurge for shopping I had done. Prancing down stairs, I thought of how fabulous this whole night would be! I made it to the living room, where Anna and Diane sat, posing for pictures with Lady Tremaine in the front. Diane had a black, velvet, halter dress, that skimmed her knees. Anna had a long sleeved sweater dress, that went partially past her knees, and was a soft, creamy color.

When they saw me, each mouth dropped, Diane's the most. I gave them a toothy grin, and went to the door.

“Are we gunna go or not?” I questioned, opening the door, and letting the cool night air seep in.

“Fine. Let's go Anna,” Diane hissed, pushing passed me, Anna in hot pursuit. I just shook my head, following them.

“Hey Ella...”I heard Diane's voice behind me, she should be ahead... And that's when she pushed me. I fell into the mud, my dress becoming ruined. I stood up, running away, humiliated, their giggles following me, like a blood-hound. They started to chase me, but I ran faster, Hiding in a crevice by the house, my short brown hair hugging my neck, and my feet seeming to cry out from the cold, my sandals somewhere in the mud. I started to sob, my whole body wracking in pain. This was awful, truly horrid, and the absolute worst day of my life...

As my tears fell, one hit my hand, and the more time went on, the more it seemed to...glow!

“Girl, why you crying?” A voice demanded. I looked up, and before me a beautiful woman hovered. She had golden wings, sprouting out of her yellow gown. She had matching slippers, and brown hair, put up in a ponytail, with many barrettes in it.

“I-I...Look at me!” I cried, looking at this beautiful woman.

“Oh, c'mon girl. I'm gonna glam you up! Then no more complaining!” The woman said, pulling out a wand.

“Who...Who are you?” I demanded, pulling away from her.

“Haven't you seen the movies? I'm your fairy godmother, TaDaja!” She told me, waving her wand in the air. “Now let's get you all glammed up, honey,” She continued, and said some gibberish, as she waved her wand.

I was suddenly surrounded by a faint shimmer, and my clothes seemed to melt away, my unruly hair tamed, and new clothes covering me. I smiled to myself, and looked down. I was wearing a soft seafoam colored dress, that touched my knees, and had slight sleeves.

“There you go princess! But, at midnight, no more dress, just your gross muddiness. Your going to need a car...” She told me, heading out of the crevice I had concealed myself in. I followed her out, and we went to the front of the house. She waved her wand, and several stones changed to form a v8 Mustang. I jumped up and down, running towards it, and opening the doors, breathing in the new car smell. She smiled at me, and disappeared in several sparks.

When I got to the party, it was in full swing. No one could recognize me with how I looked, and now I was in perfect shape to have fun! I found myself in Jasper's arms as we danced to some stupid song that the radio station always played. When the song ended, he started to move towards me, about to kiss me, when the clock hit 11:59. I gasped, and pulled away from him, running down the streets to the car, one of my silver sandals falling off. I ignored it, and the shouts of Jasper, getting in the Mustang and driving away...

Once I was home, I was in my muddy dress, and all alone. I went upstairs to the attic, undressing, and cuddling in bed. I had to get some sleep, this night was so surreal...

Diane and Anna woke me up, pushing me off the bed. “What the he-,” I started, rubbing my eyes. They squealed, and lifted me up, being so..nice! I was shocked, and frozen.

“Omigod, Omigod! Jasper is coming to OUR house!!! Some girl, like, dropped her shoe at his party, and he's looking for her! She's gunna be his true love! It'll be one of US, besides you Ella! Since you weren't there!!!” They gloated in union. I just closed my eyes, thinking- Jasper is coming here...JASPER IS COMING HERE!!!

I got up, and hurriedly dressed, when they left the room. I had to look good! I brushed through my hair, and then ran downstairs, a smile plastered on my face. When I got down, Jasper was already there, and testing the shoe on Anna. It couldn't fit, it was MY shoe, so I wasn't worried, until...until it fit. I looked on, as Jasper lifted Anna up, smiling at her, and planting one on her lips.

The tears came, before I even realized it. This was horrible! I was just another stupid girl, with her life in pieces. Anna's eyes met mine, and her whole face dulled as she saw me. She knew I had been there, she knew I was the right girl, and she knew it all. She pulled herself away from Jasper, peeled off the shoe, and threw it at me.

“It's her stupid shoe,” Anna grumbled, looking away from me. Jasper just laughed.

“So? Anna, your hotter then HER! I don't even know her name. Your the one who I should have danced with,” Jasper said, but the whole time his eyes ran over my body. Anna didn't notice, she just grinned at him.

I shook my head, ran upstairs, and sobbed myself into a comatose like sleep... There's never a happy ending.

The author's comments:
Cinderella modernized, in a fun little tale, full of twists and turns. Ask yourself, what would have happened if the shoe DIDN'T fit Cinderella?

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Indiebay said...
on Aug. 13 2013 at 5:43 pm
Can you make a sequel where she cant take it anymore and starts dressing up and hot clothes and runs away

on Dec. 25 2009 at 9:18 pm
CanYouSeeTheCrazy PLATINUM, Cle Elum, Washington
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"I know why everyone in this world is so desperate to find love."
"Oh yeah? Why then?"
"Because, it's the closest thing we have to magic."

that's such a heartbreak ending! ='[

good short story though =]