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A Banned in a Closet

January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Jim and Dwhite were getting their martial’s out of the supple closet number one. All of sudden someone closed the door on them and locked it.
Jim complained to Dwhite “Why did you close the door, I know that you did it.”
Dwhite replayed “No I did not I’m not lying to you.”
“Michael is going to make me co manger since you are not doing your job,” mention Dwhite to Jim.
“But you are not doing anything either,” said Jim “That’s besides the point.”
Jim thought it be interesting and entertaining if he take some of the supply paper, to make paper airplanes and hit Dwhite with them. While Jim was getting the paper, he also found the key. Dwhite was banging and yelling for Michael to let him out. The long aeromantic plane that hit poor Dwhite in the back. Dwhite reacted in frenzy, so Jim keeps on doing this because it made Jim smile.
Dwhite had enough so he yells at the top of his lungs “MICHAEL” still no answer.
Why were they not answering Dwhite wondered? Dwhite decided just to give up, so he took a seat in front of the door. Jim thought to himself that if would be great to make funny faces behind Dwhite’s back, but he could not help but laugh. Soon Dwhite had enough and started to look for the extra key. While Dwhite was searching, there was what sounded like a ring Dwhite alarmed, Jim answered his phone.
“Okay yeah that be fine,” said Jim to Michael.
“Jim why did you tell me you had a phone,” said a perplexed Dwhite.
“Oh I thought that it would not be a good idea,” mention Jim.
“A duh of course that would of gotten us out of hear a lot sooner,” said Dwhite.
“Well then lets just call Michael to let us out of hear”, said a clever Dwhite.
“Or could I just let us outside, Michael would like that,” said Jim
“What…………..” a confused Dwhite reacted.
“When did you find this key because I look for one and could not find one,” said Dwhite.
Jim responds “Oh a couple hours ago.”
“Why did you not let us out then,” said Dwhite.
With a chuckle “This was more assuming,” said Jim, so Jim unlocks the door and Dwhite kissed the ground. “I hate you Jim,” “I love you to Dwhite.” So Jim and Dwhite got to go about doing their work.

The author's comments:
The inspiration was in class we had write about an object my was a key. It also is about the show the Office but this was never an episode.

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