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April 14, 2010
By bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
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The un-armed has not yet returned and we are all woried. Colonel.Ahmadi did not go with them, however she left Master-sargent.Valentine in charge.since the officers are all worried they have put stricter rules. Ones of the rules is that we have to spend larger hours guarding the castle. As soon as i found out i went back to my squad leader seargent. gray and asked him when am I on castle guard "sucks to be you right now,Benny, you and the squad you are on are on guard tonight." " man that sucks"

I was at the lunch hall eating trying to gain strength for the guard. Straiter come and sits by me "hey man ready for the guard" " yea man, but I am more woried about the un-armed." "I hear you man, hey have you heard the latest rumors" " you are allways into gosiph about who" "Ahmadi" "siriously man? , whats going around." " they say that Ahmadi and Mckneel are ,you know going out" "yea right, listen I have to get reday for the guard.

We were all outside the castle doing guard duty. All of my squad was out there,but the good part was that our officer in charge was Mckneel, he was cool. I did not want to ask him about the rumors he would probably demote me (that would sucks I am allready a Private First Class the second lowest rank). "Captain, I said, "what do you think about the un-armed" I asked him "well i dont know verry much but something i do know is that if Rachel (Ahmadi's first name) would have wen't they would probably be back by now. "I guess". "what would happen if they do not return"??? "well we would have to give up on them and put everything on lockdown and since there would not be a castle guard it would be easier for the enemy to sneek in and get the flag"."ok that would pretty much suck". Two hours later we were half asleep nothing ever happens,but today i just had a feeling that somethign was funny.Straiter came to me adn said:" hey man, somethign funny is up"' "why do you ask that" " look at Mckneel he is not acting like allways it looks like he si scared or nervous".

Out of no were there was this noise, a peculiar noise. it sounded like something was comeing out of the bushes infront of the castle. "PORT ARMS!!!!" Mckneel ordered and we all pointed our riffles at the bushes "Be ready to fire men" Mckneel said" That something was comeing out and we all knew for sure that it was the enemy and we were all ready to fire as soon it came out. This figure came out of the bushes came out her uniform all tore up and trashed she had cuts all over her body her face could barely be recognized. She fell to the ground as soon as that happened Mckneel ran to her picked her up and told this guy who's name is Mcgraw(seargent first calss) to call command to ready a hospital be and to take charge of us and he ran into the castle.

30 minutes later a figure came out of the castle's dark entrance. The figure walked heavily becasue of how tall he was and behind his came a squad of people the walked torward us slowly. When we finaly saw his face we saw that is was Liutenent.rally and some of the color guard behind him. He told Mcgraw to take us back inside,but his military face showed anger. We did as we were told and went back inside. I did not know what to expect

The author's comments:
the third instalemet in my armed serie the next one is coming soon

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