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Sakura Nights: Part 1

June 22, 2010
By Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
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The night of Tokyo was a cool one as a strange figure looked towards the city. Where..., he thought to himself placing a finger on his chin. His eyes were red,like thorned roses, covered by jet black hair that crowned his handsome features. His eyes began to flicker as he focused on a target,ahh! I found one!. His boot peirced the ledge of the tower; Gently..., demon wings began to awaken from his back. "WAIT!", a voice cried. What?, he turned into the voice's direction. "Akane! I told you our next target would be in the other circuit!", the young man ran his fingers madly through his blue hair and adjusted his glasses. "Well, well im sorry Kazuko that one of us actually took action to find the pure soul of an angel gaurdian!", Akane sneered. Kazuko closed his tracker and paused. "What's going on?", a girl stepped out of the darkness as her blue eyes peirced the two arguing fools; both of the young men were silent. Another one appeared, as he shook his golden brown spiked locks out of his face,"I have foo...ok,ok Izanami what happened now??", he froze as if her eyes shook through his cold skin. "Oh nothing Haruka, just ANOTHER waste of time and energy on these two. Akane you are the oldest, and it's a shame that you wouldn't follow a simple direction." Izanami exclaimed. Akane smiled devilishly and winked,"hmmm, I might be little different then, would I?" Haruka rolled his eyes. A ringtone broke the conversation, Izanami hurridly picked the phone out of her dress pocket. "Yes, mhmm...", she bit her lip. "Yes sir, we will exterminate her at once", Izanami closed her phone. "Boys..." the others watched, "We have a soul to take."

The author's comments:
This is my first fan-fiction article! I was inspired by the concept of realistic emotions set in a storyline, even though it is fan-fiction. I hope that everyone enjoys!

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