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Sakura Nights: Part 3

June 22, 2010
By Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
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The clock hit 7:30 in the gym, and practice was over. "Bye everyone!", Kimiko waved at her dance team as they waved back. "Hey Kiki!", Dai rushed to her and looked into her eyes, "Can I walk you to your car?" Kimiko nodded, "Fershure!" As the two walked, Dai thought hard and kicked a can off the street. He'd been planning to ask Kimiko to the prom since her freshman year, and thought it be the perfect time to ask. "Hey Kiki, can I ask you something?" he exclaimed. Kimiko smiled as she turned her key into the car door, "Haha, what Dai?" He scratched his head,"Well, i've been thinking about, you know prom and all, and I wanted to know...umm..." Suddenly the doors opened, with Hajimi running across the school lawn, "YES! TAYLOR CHEN AND I ARE GOING TO PROM!!! SCORE!!", Dai looked confused, "Shes a senior dude." Hajimi laughed, "So?? Im a junior, one year older baby!" Dai pushed back his hair and sighed, "Oh boy..." Kimiko checked her phone, "Boys I love you both, but I have to get going!" "Oh...right..." Dai scratched his head and gave her a hug along with Hajimi. "Peace!", Kimico flashed her teeth as she put the key into the ignition and drove away. Dai turned around and looked for Hajimi,"Hajimi? HAJIMI!" A voice appeared in the air, Dai stared blankly."I feel sooo alive!!!" Hajimi exclaimed while trying to climb a tree. "Can you do anything constructive besides climbing on the principle's father's grave tree!" he yelled. "Wha..OOMPH!", Hajimi said landing on the ground,and started to rub his back. "Hmm,learn something new everyday, haha!"

Come onnnn car,Its 7:45, I can't be late! , Kimiko honked her horn. Tokyo streets were normally very crowded on saturdays with teenagers coming out with their friends to spend work money or allowance, it reminded Kimiko of the time when her mom allowed her for the first time to hang with friends at a popular game place downtown. Good times, she smiled. As Kimiko hurried passed the cars, she spotted her brother chatting with a young lady that was a college student his age. She slowed as she rolled down her windows, "Ryo! You still owe me my bubble tea money from 2 months ago!!" she yelled. The college girl looked confused and giggled at Ryo. "Sure little sister! I'll even buy you a new bubble tea because thats the nice kind of older brother I am." Every word was gritted in his teeth making it a win for Kimiko. Kimiko smiled fakley and signaled her left signal into the driveway of Nikki's building for her finals. Slowly she parked and got out of her car to review the japanese sign,"????????????" Kimiko stared,"Pupils for bows?? Gosh so weird dude!" Kimiko pulled at the doors henges. Inside of the auditorium, many seats were empty creating an echo for the violinists on stage. Purple was the main color used in different hues to decorate the building from head to toe,even director Chin Pie was in a purple tuxedo, Kimiko cringed. "Now! The next note will be a flat, shall we?" Director Chin said as he took a hankerchief from his pocket and blew into it fiercly. Nikki glazed over each wave of his boton, slowly, and slowly drifting into a sleep. "Flat B, Flat F..." the director continued. Nikki then began to snore. Kimiko stood there in awe of the boring session, and quickly found a seat to rest her hand on her chin. The director slammed his baton,scaring the beginners in the back row. He sipped partilally on his well brewed coffee cup,"Practice is over, sadly. Remember the show is in one month, be prepared!" Nikki quickly sat up rubbing her eyes in fustration, and looked towards the audience. "Kimiko!" she smiled and began walking fluidly towards her. Kimiko slumped in her chair, and shook her ponytail, "Goodness that man needs a new tux, its totally fading and making the other purples look SO wrong!" she waved her hands in her face, and pouted. "Got that right, i've been staring at that peice for a month, lets get out of here!" The director narrowed his eyes, and sipped his coffee as Kimiko laughed and helped her friend with the violin to the car. "Your dad really hooked you up with his automotive company, Kyuusoku, look at the detail!" Nikki smiled while running her hands along the shiny red coat of the car. Kimiko climbed into the car and started the ignition,"Heck yeah, the boys are gonna try to put a pink led light system in here for parties at Tokyo square!" "Thats cool, and better yet since summer is coming up, we can all go to the beach and totally chill" Nikki said in excitement. "Sweet!" Kimiko said while turning the wheel to head home.

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