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Sakura Nights: Part 7

June 23, 2010
By Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
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Dai stares into Kimiko's eyes again,Are we gonna finish that last moment? , he thinks. Kimiko yawns very sleepily and leans on Dai's shoulder. " car is a wreck now thanks to that demon..." Dai responds, "Demon?..." She turns to him, "Yeah Demon...Hanjimi can tell you ALL about it, haha." she giggles. Demon? , he stares at Kimiko, "I'll drive you home sleepy head!" he grins as she giggles more. The ride home was long, due to traffic hours being a mess for church service area. Young and old couples gathered with families with small children by their side eating candies. "Great." Dai exclaimed. He glanced over at Kimiko sleeping soundly, like an angel. In the back of the car, Akane was underneath the seat following their tracks home keeping out of direct sunlight. Ding,Dong! , the Megumi's doorbell rang.Ryo answered the door, "Well, well if it isn't grounded before bedtime." Kimiko slapped his arm, "Shut up, I got into a car accident!" He began to stare seriously, "Car accident? How?" "A de..."Oh shoot! It was a demon..., she quickly thought of an excuse, "A de...ang pole!" Ryo crossed his arms,"Do you understand how much WORTH that car is? Pops specialized that one for you under your CREDENTIALS!" Kimiko stomps her feet in fustration, "It wasn't my fault! " "Then who's!" Her brother yelled. Mrs.Megumi ran downstairs as quickly as she could. While watching the two argue, she thought about her restless night wondering where her daughter was. "STOOOOP!", yelled Mrs.Megumi. Dai leaned against the table, taking his hands from his ears. She continued, "Where were you last night young lady?" Kimiko was red as ever from the arguement, her mother couldn't have possibly brought it up at this time. "I...I wen't to go drop off Nikki..." she responded. Mrs. Megumi added,"And?..." "And...then I got into this random car accident! So Dai wen't to come pick me up....and..." "Kimiko Mai Kokoro Megumi, it is 5:00 in the morning young lady, and you didn't call me??? I understand your trying to be a mature young adult, but getting into a car wreck AND being out this late, no Kimiko, you are grounded for a month." Mrs.Megumi paused and looked at Dai, "I believe you should be leaving now, by the way tell Mrs.Yang I will be buying her honey pots quite soon." she smiled and turned stone at Kimiko. Dai scratched his head, and grinned while exiting the door, "Um...sure thing Mrs.Megumi!" While turning the doorknob, he glanced up at Kimiko, saddened by the news. "Room,NOW." Mrs.Megumi pointed upstairs. "But prom is a month from now! I need to go...everyone is going!!" Kimiko cried. "I said your grounded for a month and thats final. Do you want me to make it during your summer break?" Mrs.Megumi responded while walking into the kitchen area. Shutup!, Ryo mouthed. Kimiko ran up the wooden stairs into her bedroom, crying.

Kimiko had a strange bedroom for a young lady, one that wasn't too girly yet too rough around the edges. Her walls were filled with posters of her favorite dancers, bands, and artists. The posters cascaded the hot pink walls, and bright clothes overfilled her hamper. The black futon made most of the room along with a low end white coffee table covered with fashion magazines and books. This was Kimiko's domain, a place where she felt at home after a long day, to allow her thoughts to be open as ever before. She sniffed as she grabbed her slider cell and popped in her Kyandi headphones. Ugh...what am I gonna do about prom... Maby i'll use my angel wings to sneak out,haha , she laughed at the idea and turned up her music full blast. "Aye Aye,Dono y? ni yatte...Aye Aye" Kimiko jammed. Outside Akane awaited by the trellis in the Megumi's backyard after exiting the car door."Now, I just need to get to her...Agh!" he cried. While the sun beat his back, his hands began to feel like flames. This sun is, Akane approached the trellis closer and slowly flew up into the window until...BOOM! BOOM! Parts of the window shattered, and Akane flew onto the soft blue carpet. "AGH!!!" he yelled. Kimiko quickly took out her headphones and squinted her eyes at Akane,"Your bleeding!!!" she cried. Akane pushed back his jet black hair and observed his wounds. It was a mess, the sun's rays already cut into his skin making the glass hurt even worse than before. Kimiko rushed into her bathroom grabbing peroxid,tweezers,and tissue."Dude, your bleeding everywhere!" she said while treating his wounds. Akane narrowed his eyes, "Well I am bleeding ,what do you expect me to do?" Kimiko laughed, "Nothing,its just..." Akane's face was serious as the plucking began. Kimiko carefully took each glass shard and set it in an empty container near her knee. "Ow!, you could be a bit nicer while taking shards from out my cheek, this is my only face..." Kimiko stared,"Sorry." she responded, carrying the shards into her little trash bin. Akane bit his lip, and arched his eyebrow. "So why are you here??? You did that hoodini thingy on me in the parking lot and just vaished, now I can't go to prom..." Ugh...she talks way too much...oh, a bear?,Akane regained his posture hiding the thought and reached towards the bear. "Um...what are you doing?" Kimiko said as she sat on her desk table. Akane licked the bear, Soft...but contains magic somehow... Kimiko narrowed her eyes,"EWWW! your gross dude!" "Am I?" Akane winked. "Your bear contains some sort of ancient magic in its belly...I need to cut the body open..." While holding the bear in a direct left hand angle, Akane sliced it in two. Kimiko uncovered her eyes, "Look!"

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