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Sakura Nights: Part 5

June 23, 2010
By Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
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The sword glistened a mighty red, war red with inscripted letters at the bottom. Kimiko could only make out "Demon" , "Angel", and "Fight". What does this all mean? ,she thought. The shadow was unmasked by a beaming streetlight, and his features stood out. Standing 6'1, Akane loomed over Kimiko with a devilish grin. He took his sword up to her neck, "Now, before I "terminate" you,any last words?" His eyes flickered fire, as he stared into her heart. "Why me?" she said with a cross expression. Akane's eyes stopped burning, and became confused by her emotional state. No tears? Shes brave enough to withstand being done with! He stepped back and laughed, "Basically,I want your soul..." "My soul??? is this some sort of a joke?" Kimiko pushed the deathly sword from her neck and stepped out of the car. Akane quickly stepped in front of her, "No Joke! I am serious..." his voice was interrupted by her voice,"Who are you?" Akane stepped backed surprised at her snapped voice, then quickly narrowed his eyes. "Valuable info not guarenteed my dear." he winked and put the sword back to her neck. "Wow, well if i'm gonna be done with today, whats the point of you hiding your name??" Kimiko's laugh echoed through the streets. Akane paused at her laugh. Angel laugh....can't be....high-spirited but focused...blunt but naive... "Um..." his wings droop, and he takes the sword from her neck and stares into her brown speckled green eyes. I hope shes alright , Dai's thoughts were jumbled with so much, how could this happen to her? He rode Tokyo streets for hours but couldn't find Kimiko, finally he stopped his breaks and broke down. Tears went down his cheeks,BAM!, he hit his steering wheel in fustration. Why?..., He sniffed and loosened up his shoulders. While driving somemore, he stopped by the curb to call Nikki, even though she was fast asleep.

The Tarino residence was a very cultured home. The house contained indian mats with a small coffee table bearing an old woven blanket made by Nikki's great grandmother and other indian bearings around the house.Being half native american and half white in Japan was a huge shock for her, but when she made friends at Zen High, everything changed. Bip...bip...bip, Nikki was fast asleep with no reply. The air was beginning to soften as it grew to the hour of 2 am, Kimiko stared back at Akane, then she felt a pinch in her back. "Agh!" she yelled and hit the ground. Akane watches, and his eyes widen. Oh no..., He steps back, as the transformation begins. Angel wings awaken from her back as swirls of blue light transform her human state. Her blue shirt and skinny jeans are transformed into a silkened yellow dress with green shorts underneath. Kimiko's eyes turn a deep blue-green hue and her hair is highlighted with blue streaks cascading with heaven curls. She lays on the ground, as the wings begin to turn into a pure pink. After the transformation, Akane steps towards her. Whoosh!, Kimiko's wings bruise his cheek. "Agh! So my intutions were right, you are a gaurdian angel!" he says as he grips his cheek. Kimiko brushes off the asphalt from the street, and looks up to the dawn sky. " angel?" she responds. A deep pause is between them. "Ahem..." Akane looks up, and stares at her wings catching the little bit of daylight forming, glistening then stares at his darkened wings hiding away from the little sun caught. "Yes, you are. I was sent to terminate you, and I must carry out my duty, now shall we..." Akane reaches for his sword and Kimiko kicks with great force out of his hand. Resisting her force he pushed her to the ground, but is greatly pushed back the light of her wings. "LIGHT! I can't stand it!" he hisses, Kimiko smiles. Our powers are greatly equal, there is nooo way I can do this..., Akane wonders in his thoughts.

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