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Sakura Nights: Part 6

June 23, 2010
By Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
Mandy333 GOLD, Upland, California
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"So i'm a gaurdian angel to defeat evil forces like you??" Kimiko says while sitting on the endside of her car, rubbing her eyes. "Yes, me, but our powers are too equally matched to be honest, you got lucky. I would have destroyed you." Akane sits on the ground, checking if the night is still available before he returns into the darkness, he breathes deeply. Kimiko plays with her wings. Akane narrows his eyes, "Stop that, its rude." She turns to him innocently,"Its not like their alive." Akane stares and regains his stiff posture,"Hmmm, you think their not, wait till your wings start granting you gaurdians to aid your side" Kimiko jumps, "Awww awesome! I can't wait!...oh Dai!" she checks her phone, then pauses. "How do I turn back into myself? I can't let my friends see me like this!!." Akane frowns, "Here,i'll teach you later, but for right now I will put a spell on you for control until you master the art of transformation..." Akane places his hand over her back. "Hikari,Watashi o fuyo..." While chanting, Kimiko notices a scar above Akane's arm, then switches on Dai. Oh, I hope he's doing ok... Suddenly, her wings pull back,and her old clothes glitter onto her body again. "Ouch!" He stares confused,"You will get used to that..." Akane snaps his fingers, "Well, I must be going and..." Kimiko stops his sentence,"Wait! If your such an evil dude, why in the heck are you helping me?" A deep pause is created between them. Akane looks into her speckled green eyes, and turns away. "Because..." Kimiko parts her lips for the answer. Akane says nothing, and is engulfed into a dark shadow returning to where he came.

Still driving, Dai appraoches car wreck lines on the streets. He looks in both directions and catches a dirty blond haired ponytail. "Kiki!!!" Dai puts his sports car in reverse then drives left, and rushes to the scene. Kimiko glances from a distance and remembers this orange sports car, its Dai! "Hey!!" she waves her hands in front of her face and reties her ponytail. Dai hits the breaks, and jumps out of his car quickly to embrace her. "Kimiko I was so worried about you, I drove for hours, and hours..." ,Just then, sunrise began. The sun warmed both of their backs, intiuating a new beginning of the day. Dai..., Kimiko thought as she stared deeply into his light brown eyes. Dai began to smile as she pushed back his black highlighted hair. I knew this day would come..., Dai thought to himself as he leaned closer, until...,"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!!!!!!" the voice boomed from a shiny pickup truck.Agh..., Dai glared at Hajimi. Kimiko ended the moment, rushing towards him. "Dude I was like in a serious car wreck you would not believe!!!..." Dai leaned on his sports car while the two chatted letting the wind catch his hair. "NO WAY!! A DEMON??" Hajimi exclaimed with eyes widened, "Yes!" Kimiko Jumped. As the conversation ended, Kimiko started towards Dai."Dai?", he looked up and scratched his head. Kimiko sat on the side of him and he leaned close to her. "Thank you." she smiled with her lighted brown specked green eyes. Dai stared, and tried not to blush, "Um...Your... very welcome!" he quickly flashed a grin to hide his blushing. Kimiko yawned, "Im so tired, and its only sunday you guys! So much has happened...weird stuff..." the two boys nodded. Hajimi added,"Dude, im TOTALLY gonna check out this "demon" dude you got going on, get some sleep kay?" he gave Kimiko a hug, a handshake to Dai, and flashed the peace sign. "No one's messin' with my friend, im smarter than the average bear, ya dig?" Hanjimi likes his finger to style his black bowl cut in his car's window. "Alllriiight." he smiles. Dai stares,"Wow dude, really?" Hanjimi frowns and narrows his eyes while starting the ignition. "PEACE YOU TWO!!" Kimiko and Dai smile as the pick up truck runs the streets straight through.

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