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Midday Stars

July 1, 2010
By TheStoryWeaver GOLD, Sofia, Other
TheStoryWeaver GOLD, Sofia, Other
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I sat in my 8th grade literature class. It was sooo boring, but I wanted to go to school. Mommy and Daddy warned me about going, they said it would be boring, yada, yada, yada. But I wanted to. Now I wish I could go in a higher class. This, however, was the oldest class I could get into and look the part, though, I am a bit on the small side. I see Jayden smile at me from across the room. He’s the only one who kinda understands me. He should skip a grade but the foster home won’t let him. It’s too bad for him.
I brighten up when I notice the clock in the corner. Five minutes to three. Five minutes and I would be free to go home with Jacob. He’s going to my high school as well. I don’t go to school in Forks. Mommy and Daddy think it would be too dangerous. Someone might recognize them or notice me. Mommy seems sad when she talks about Forks. I wonder why.
The bell rings, startling me. I haven’t been paying attention because, well, there’s nothing new. Jayden comes over to my desk and sits by me.
“Hey, Nessie.” I make a face. He knows I don’t like anyone to call me that but Jacob.
“Jayden…” I begin threateningly. It’s just playful though. I wouldn’t want him to be scared if he knew what I could really do. “I’ve told you a million times not to call me Nessie. You can call me Renee or Esme or Renesmee, just not Nessie, Ness or anything of the kind.”
“Touchy.” He muttered. I smiled because I can’t help it. Jayden is so unintentionally funny sometimes. He also is the best person to make me feel better, except my family, Mommy, Daddy and Jacob. Daddy doesn’t count because he can read my mind and Jacob just… well, I don’t know why Jacob knows but he makes me feel pretty good about myself. I need that sometimes. Ever since the Volturi came almost four years ago, I have a pretty low self esteem sometimes.
“C’mon, Jayden, let’s leave.” He gathers up his books and pushes his wavy hair off his face.
“Kay. I’m ready.”
We maneuver out of the doorway, making our way between various students and I spot Jacob. He’s not really that hard to miss, being super tall and all. He’s like 7 feet tall now.
“See ya tomorrow, Jayden.” I call over my shoulder.
“Yeah, bye.” I head over to Jacob, who is watching for me because, to him, I am so incredibly small.
“Hey Nessie.” His deep voice rumbles. “Ready to leave?”
“Definitely.” I say back. I stretch my hand up and try to touch his head. He understands what I mean and bends down just enough. I show him why I want to go home so quickly. I’m thirsty. He laughs and grabs my hand.
“Okay, Nessie, since you’re so thirsty, let’s get you home.” He makes his way around the school to the forest. It ran all the way from my school to my house so it was safe for Jacob to turn into his ‘alter ego’--a large reddish-brown wolf. I clamber on and hold on tight to his fur. In no time, we’re at home and Mommy is waiting to greet me. I jump into her arms- though I am getting too big to do that—and press my hand against her face.
“Daddy’s out hunting with Uncle Emmet and Jasper.” I touch her again, wondering why she wasn’t with them.
“It was the guys’ hunting trip. Esme, Alice and I are going tomorrow.” I nod, content, and proceed to tell her about my day. However, in the middle of my telling, I remember why I was so eager to get home.
“Mommy, can I have some blood?” Grandpa Carlisle gets me donated blood for my food. However, I can only have four packs a week, so I choose when I want it the most. I settle down with my cup and do my homework. It’s math, science and literature mostly. I’m also learning Spanish, for extra-curricular activities.
Daddy gets home soon after that and Uncle Em challenges him to a wrestling match. Apparently, he lost to Daddy on the trip and wants a rematch.
“Hey Bella!” He yells to my mommy. “Will you help me?” She looks like she’s thinking but I know her better than that. Her fingers are pressed hard to her side and I know that she is showing Daddy her plan.
“Fine, Emmett. I still think Edward can beat you.”
“We’ll see.” Emmett snarled under his breath. But it did no good because of all the super-hearing vampires in the vicinity. Auntie Alice trills her wind-chime laugh and watches with a gleam in her eye. I bounce over and sit on her lap, bringing Jacob with me.
“Hi, Auntie Alice.”
“Hey Renee. Have you studied?”
“Yes. Why?”
“You have a pop quiz tomorrow in science.” Sometimes, it really helped to have a psychic aunt. Aunt Rosalie came out from the house with Grandma Esme behind her. They had heard the sounds of the fight and were coming to watch intently.
Daddy was losing for now, but he didn’t seem too perturbed about it. In fact, he seemed kind of… happy. I saw him glance at Mommy and he almost instantly began getting an edge. In about ten seconds, Daddy had Uncle Em on his back.
“That was just luck.” He mutters. Then he notices that Mommy, Daddy and Alice are all laughing.
“Hey! No fair! You let him into my mind!” He complained.
“I’ll fight Bella.” Alice offers. Mommy looks startled but she agrees and takes her stance across from Alice. Daddy seems to be sad, proud and worried all at once and I go over to sit next to him.
“I just don’t like seeing your mother fight.” He responds to my unspoken questions. “It comes after years of protecting her.” I see Jacob roll his eyes. A fierce snarl has me glancing with alarm towards the fight. I think it came from my mom. I’ve never heard her do that to Alice… maybe Emmett, when he really deserves it and she snarled at the Volturi, but at Alice!
I saw Daddy’s eyes tighten a little more, but he spares a brief smile when he hears my thoughts.
“Come here, sweetheart.” And he pulls me onto his lap. He’s the only one who calls me sweetheart. Esme calls me darling, Rosalie calls me sweetie, Carlisle calls me dear and Emmett calls me little. I like it though.
Daddy laughs when he hears my inner monologue.
“Would you rather I call you Nessie?” I shake my head emphatically.
Another snarl, louder and fiercer that before scares me half out of my skin. This time it’s from Alice.
The fighting lasts until sundown and then it’s time for bed—for me and Jacob, at least. None of the vampires sleep, except for me.
I settle down in my polka-dotted room and think about tomorrow. I can’t wait.
Jayden isn’t there that day. He must’ve been sick…or something. He doesn’t come back for the next day, or the next day, or the next day.
It’s been almost a month, and I’m worried sick, when someone calls my mom to tell her that he was adopted and moved out of the state.
“Well, what state?”
“Oregon.” The foster care attendant replies.
Mommy hangs up and looks at me.
“How do you feel about a road trip?” She asks.

The author's comments:
Continued from Breaking Dawn from Renesmee's point of view.
(She is about five in this story, but because of her advanced aging, she looks about twelve.) Enjoy and comment if you want the rest put on!

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on Jul. 24 2010 at 6:32 pm
TheStoryWeaver GOLD, Sofia, Other
12 articles 4 photos 39 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The Aenied is an Odyssey of epic proportions." - Caleb
"Eve was deceived and ate the fruit, Adam ate it out of stupidity." - Mr. M
"Begone ye map of woe!"
"I'm the map..." - Lydia and Caleb.

Jayden is Nessie's best friend, other than Jacob. She doesn't have many because people are naturally scared of her. Also, Jacob isn't her age, isn't in her classes, etc. etc. I'll post more soon that'll make it more clear. Thanks for commenting. :)

on Jul. 24 2010 at 1:21 pm
kielymarie SILVER, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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Why is Nessie so interested in Jayden if she loves Jacob?