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Code: Lyoko Xana is back part 3

July 18, 2010
By AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Xana is back part 3

“What now?” asked Jeremie, although he was confident behind the controls, being in Lyoko frightened him senseless.

“Well, I suppose we have to find the activated tower- just like before. I don’t see why that would’ve changed.” Aelita reasoned.

“Oh!” Jeremie groaned, “I forgot to get the coordinates of the tower, you distracted me. How do we even know we’re in the right sector?” He replied frantically.

“That’s okay. I think you may have more control than you realize. You must have a power, and knowing you, it is probably influencing the super calculator! Try it. It can’t hurt- try calling up a vehicle for starters. That ought to be easy enough.” She encouraged him, putting a hand on his shoulder, “Just concentrate on what you need to do.”

Jeremie sat down slowly, crossing his legs. He imagined an overbike, a one wheeled bike that has the ability to levitate. He imagined the dark coloration, and the clutch on the handle.

Aelita squealed, breaking his concentration, “You did it, Jeremie! You did it!”

As she spoke, the overbike was in the process of materializing in front of them one pixel at a time, still, Jeremie was invigorated, “Yeah!” he shouted.

“Wait, keep visualizing, it’s half-virtualized, and not moving.”

“Okay, okay.” Jeremie continued, and the overbike fell to the ground.

“Nice job, Jeremie.” Aelita grinned.

“Now, let’s see if I can summon some more keys. One was definitely not enough, in fact that megatank just got attacked. No, I think I’d better get a new one, and fast!” He sat back down, massaging his temples, and began to visualize another golden key. This took no time at all, and the key dropped soundlessly into his hand. He replaced it on his holster.

“Okay, now try and find the coordinates of the activated tower.” Aelita ordered expectantly, as a blok, another kind of monster approached her. “Energy beam.” She whispered, as she shot a glowing pink ball of electricity at the blok. Bloks are square monsters with small robot-like legs on the bottom, and a target-like eye of XANA on the top of its body. It had a kind of golden brown hue. On most occasions a blok will shoot lasers, but sometimes it can freeze enemies. The blok fizzled in the pink light for a moment before imploding.

Jeremie jumped up, and announced, “The tower is nearer than we thought- come on! I will bring you to it.” Jeremie swung his leg over the seat of the overbike, and waited a moment for Aelita to hop on. She did, jumping up, and landing herself elegantly on the seat behind Jeremie, tightly gripping around his stomach, in preparation for lift. Aelita silently prayed that Jeremie was a better driver than Odd was. Odd is well-known for doing dangerous tricks, and taking unnecessary risks.

Jeremie pulled the clutch, jumping a little at the sound of the motor revving. Then, they began to quickly speed along the forest sector. The topless trees whirred past them in a hurry.

“Ready to go airborne, Aelita?” Jeremie asked cautiously.

“Mmmhmph.” Aelita sounded her approval. The bike, quickly began to gain altitude, and in no time at all, the bike was much higher than it had ever traveled before.

“Jeremie,” Aelita asked nervously, “What are you doing?”

“Saving time.” He replied, “In a moment, I should be able to see the tower, and then we will make a straight dive, so close in that no monsters will be able to stop us.

“Wait, Jeremie. I sense that something is wrong- I just have a feeling. I’m going to sprout my wings, and go investigate.” Without waiting for his response, Aelita waved her hand over her pink, star-shaped wrist band, and sprouted a pair of light pink wings. She descended in a hurry, when she saw what was wrong. They were not alone on Lyoko. Not by a long shot.

There stood Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi, with the eye of Xana in their eyes, and beside them was a monster that is sometimes compared to a jellyfish, with a glass dome on it’s head.

“The scyphozoa.” She breathed, rushing back to warn Jeremie, when Odd quickly, fired a laser arrow at her. Her wings retracted, and she clutched her arm in pain. The scyphozoa was a monster of Xana’s endowed with the ability to steal memories, and otherwise tamper with people’s minds. It wasn’t supposed to hurt when they got attacked in Lyoko, just lose a few life points, maybe. She knew then what was going on. Xana had done this before. The super computer had been bugged up, so that no one could be devirtualized. If they got hit, it was good bye forever.

End of Code: Lyoko “Season 5” Episode 1- part 3

The author's comments:
This is based on a really great T.V. sereis called Code: Lyoko. This is part 3 out of four of the first episode. Expect plenty more to come! -Aelita

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