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Code: Lyoko Xana is Back Part 4

July 18, 2010
By AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Aelita turned to face Odd, who glared at her with a snarl. Ulrich glowered, and Yumi looked absolutely outraged. All three were definitely still possessed. Aelita felt around.

“I’ve got to be close enough now, that I should be able to feel pulsations.” Pulsations are vibrations that lead to an activated tower.

This way. She thought. But first, she had to take care of them. And what’s more, she had to be careful. If the scyphozoa was present, that could only mean that Xana wanted something, and whatever it was, it couldn’t be good. She whirled around to attack. The logical decision would be to attack Odd, because he had attacked her. But that would be too predictable, that was what Xana wanted. Instead, she announced, “Energy beam!” hurling an energy beam at the scyphozoa.

Then she hurled a second shot. The scyphozoa began to glow pink, and blew up. Next, she decided to do something else unpredictable, she ran towards, not away from her three adversaries, and made like she was about to push Yumi into the digital sea. If someone gets pushed into the digital sea, they get virtualized forever.

All three rushed to block her path to the digital sea, and Aelita punched Yumi quickly, knocking her unconscious, and threw Yumi over her shoulder. Then she began a mad dash for the tower.

“Jeremie!!!” she screamed, “Jeremie!!!”

Jeremie was waiting worriedly for Aelita to return to him. If she was taking so long, she must be in danger, he decided, and made for a rapid decent. He was not sure exactly where to look for her, but she couldn’t be far. Then he heard a piercing shriek, “Jeremie!”

Jeremie immediately headed in the direction of the noise, only to find Aelita running madly in the direction of the tower with Yumi knocked out and slung over her shoulder. Jeremie was not sure exactly what to make of this.

“Aelita? What on earth are you doing?” he wrinkled his nose, trying to comprehend.

“Technically,” she said pointedly, “We’re not on Earth. And second of all, I’m trying to be unpredictable. We’re being ambushed, and what’s more, once we’re gone, it’s for good. Xana’s messed up the super calculator!” She panted as the two ran side by side.

Just then, a second scyphozoa appeared from behind one of the too-tall trees.

“Another one? Since when are there more than one of those at once.” Aelita cried out exasperatedly.

“Wait a minute.” Jeremie paused thoughtfully, “Let it come. I have a plan. Just, whatever you do, don’t attack it, okay?”

Aelita looked at him bewilderedly, but nodded her head, “I trust you.” She whispered.

“Are Ulrich and Odd here as well?” he asked.


“Perfect. But in the mean time, I’m going to call backup just in case.” He speculated.

“Who could you possibly call? There is no one else.”

“William.” He replied. William had once been a Lyoko Warrior like the rest of them, but had failed to obey Jeremie’s orders, and had landed himself possessed by Xana for months.

“William can’t be trusted.” Aelita objected.

“We have no choice,” Jeremie grimaced, “We’ll just have to hope that his time as Xana’s slave has taught him a lesson about arrogance. I’m going to operate the super computer’s telephone, to make a call. Distract the scyphozoa.” Jeremie ordered gravely.

“I trust you.” Aelita repeated.

Jeremie sat down, and began to operate the phone to call William, this was actually very interesting, as he did not need to speak out loud like he normally would. Since the phone was being operated in his mind, speaking aloud was useless, and would do little but give Xana more information about what to expect. William answered the phone groggily, Jeremie remembered that it was very late, but this was no time for niceties.

“Hello.” William answered, clearly half-asleep, but Jeremie could tell from his voice that Xana had not thought to possess William this time.

“Is this William Dunbar?” Jeremie wasn’t sure if William had a roommate, and couldn’t take any chances on giving information to the wrong person.

“Yeah, who wants to know?”

“It’s me- Jeremie. Xana is back, and we need your help, come to the factory right away.”

“Why me?” he asked, “I thought you guys all hated me.”

“We don’t hate you, “Jeremie assured, “and Xana has the others out of commission. I’m on Lyoko right now, with Aelita.”

“Wait, I got the impression that you didn’t go to Lyoko, and how are you calling me from there?”

“I’ll tell you later, right now, time is of the essence, don’t drag your feet.” Jeremie smiled remembering how many times he had used that expression.

“Okay.” William agreed gravely, then hung up.

“Aelita, William is on the way.”

The author's comments:
Since this was originally too long to fit into one part, part 4 will be divided into at least two parts, so be on the lookout!

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