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Xana is Back Part 5

July 18, 2010
By AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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“Hoo boy!” She replied, “William, on Lyoko, is just asking for trouble.”

“How did you distract the scyphozoa, where is it?” Jeremie demanded to know.

“I made a copy of myself, to lure it into the digital sea!” Aelita declared proudly. Creating mindless copies of people as decoys was one of her many abilities on Lyoko.

“No! Aelita, bring it back here. I have got plans for it. And we need it alive.” He cried.

“”Okay, I’ll bring it back! But please tell me why.” She conceded.

“Just wait. I get the impression Xana might hear our plans, and I don’t want him to be any wiser.” Jeremie explained.

As they spoke, another Aelita began to run back to the clearing they sat in, the scyphozoa in tow.

“Now!” yelled Jeremie, hurling his computer key at the scyphozoa. It lodged itself on the glass on the top of the sciphezoa.

“Now can you tell me what you’re doing?” Aelita asked, annoyed.

“Yes, I’m giving the scyphozoa some new programming, with any luck, Odd Ulrich and Yumi will be on our side again in no time. First, put Yumi down. Give her to the scyphozoa.”

“As Aelita began to let Yumi down, carefully, the scyphozoa began to wrap its tentacles around Yumi. But just then, a third scyphozoa approached from behind Aelita, and wrapped its tentacles around her. Aelita remembered all of the times that Xana had controlled her with the aid of the scyphozoa.

“No!” Jeremie screamed. Yumi was about to get her will and her memory back, but Aelita was about to lose hers. But Jeremie was helpless. He was unarmed, what could he do? In a desperate attempt to save Aelita, he lunged at the sciphezoa, and began blindly lashing out at it, kicking its tentacles, and punching its top half.

“Leave her alone!” he yelled. Both scyphozoas dropped their charges simultaneously to the ground. The scyphozoa that was possessed by Xana retreated, it’s evil deed done. Now he had a choice to make, both would be unconscious for a few moments, he could grab Aelita, and gain the upper hand on her, or he could debrief Yumi on the situation at hand. He grabbed Aelita. Feeling ashamed that he was forced to handle her aggressively, he had to remind himself that this wasn’t really the girl he loved. This was his enemy, attacking the girl he loved and making her do his will. He pulled her to him by the stomach, waiting for her to begin struggling. Aelita awoke a few moments later.

“Jeremie, why are you grabbing me like that?” asked Aelita. Startled, Jeremie released her, she quickly ran off. Realizing he had been tricked, he sent his scyphozoa, the one with his key in it after Aelita, who, it seemed, was trying to throw herself into the digital sea. If Aelita was gone, all hope was lost, as she was the only one who could deactivate towers. By his feet, Yumi began to arouse.

“Yumi!” he sighed relieved.

“What’s going on? What am I doing on Lyoko?” Yumi murmured.

“You mean to say you don’t remember anything?” Jeremie was disappointed, he was so sure the sciphezoa could give Yumi back her memory.

“Wait! It’s starting to come back to me- oh my gosh!!! Jeremie, listen to me right now! The school is in danger, do you hear me? So are we. Xana made us plant genetically modified flowers all around the factory. Those flowers are of Xana’s own design. They’re extremely poisonous. One whiff is enough to kill.” Yumi panted, in an uncharacteristic moment of loquaciousness.

“Well this just gets better and better. The other two are still possessed, and so is Aelita now, she’s trying to throw herself into the digital sea. I’ve got a scyphozoa chasing her…”

“A scyphozoa? Wait a minute, you’re not Jeremie, no… you couldn’t be! You’re Xana!” Yumi drew back her fan. It was an oriental fan that was not used for dance. Yumi’s fan was a fatal weapon.

“No, Yumi! No, don’t shoot. It’s me, Jeremie!” Jeremie pleaded.

“How can I believe you?” Yumi asked suspiciously.

“Look me in the eyes!” Jeremie commanded, “You can see that I have no eye of Xana in my eyes, right?”

“Wait, if you really are the real Jeremie, what are you doing on Lyoko? And more importantly, how are you controlling a scyphozoa?”

“No time to talk, I’m afraid. I’ve gotta make sure Aelita doesn’t jump. Please make yourself useful, and come with me. Tackle her if she tries to jump.”

Yumi looked at him contemplatingly, for a moment, “I’ll go.” Yumi declared with resolve.

“One more thing, the super computer is bugged by Xana, don’t get yourself devirtualized, or it’s game over.” He eyed her gravely, making sure the message had sunk in.

“Ulrich, Odd, what about them?” Yumi questioned Jeremie.

“They’re not as important right now, we need Aelita to stop this attack. Without her, it’s all over. Xana wins.” Jeremie explained, “Now hurry up and go. I’m going to have to stay here. I may be able to fix the super computer. But I need time.”

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