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Xana is Back Part 6

July 18, 2010
By AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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“Okay.” Yumi nodded, running off to find Aelita.

Jeremie sat down and concentrated, on the core of the super computer.

Meanwhile, Aelita was just about to hurl herself into the digital sea, the scyphozoa was getting nearer. But Xana wasn’t ready to throw her yet. There was something Xana wanted: revenge. Revenge for being defeated, and shut down. He wanted to wait for Jeremie to see Aelita take the plunge, to feel helpless. Xana wanted it to tear him apart inside, Xana knew it would.

Aelita slowed her pace deliberately as she neared her destination. When from around the corner, an unexpected adversary approached, it was Yumi.

Aelita whipped her body around to face Yumi. She growled animalisticly,

Yumi thought about hurling her fan, but though better of it. She couldn’t be responsible for the death of Aelita- that was for sure.

Then, two figures rounded the corner, they appeared humanoid, and they were. They were a complication. They were Odd and Ulrich. You didn’t make this easy for me, did you, Xana? Yumi thought. This was certainly a predicament. Three enemies she had to fight, without harming, or letting any harm befall herself. But how to do it, Yumi hated trying to go for a draw. Who did like it? But there was no other way.

Yumi tackled Aelita, waiting for the scyphozoa, it was almost there. Aelita was biting and kicking. She was trying to hit Yumi with an energy beam. Yumi decided she had no choice but to do something absolutely crazy. Yumi threw Aelita in the air, in the direction of the scyphozoa. She hoped it wouldn’t take any life points, but there wasn’t much that could be done. The scyphozoa wrapped Aelita up in its tentacles. Aelita was safe, but what about the other two?

From where Jeremie was, he was almost done debugging the super computer, when he sensed that Yumi and the scyphozoa had succeeded in getting Aelita back, and the scyphozoa needed a new task.

“Get Odd back, then Ulrich.” Jeremie muttered, knowing the sciphezoa would pick it up from the key. Jeremie continued debugging the super calculator.

Just then, Jeremie realized he was getting a call via the super calculator. It had to be William, Jeremie thought, but he couldn’t have picked a worse time. Jeremie knew that he could not work on debugging the super computer, and answering William’s call at the exact same time. If he tried to, he could lose all of his progress to Xana. He would just have to hope that when William saw that no one was behind the super computer, he would be smart enough to pick up the head phones that would allow him to communicate with everybody in Lyoko.

Jeremie had a hunch that William was in the lab right now, and would figure it out soon. But first, Jeremie had to try and concentrate with the phone ringing in his head.

“Hello, is anyone out there? Is this a trick?” William’s voice projected across Lyoko.
Jeremie answered, “No, William, this is not a trick. It’s me, Jeremie, and you’ve got to set up a delayed virtualization to the forest sector. I have the coordinates. Do you know how to do that?” Jeremie asked anxiously, still working on the super computer.

“No.” William replied.

“Hold off on that for a few minutes, I’m trying to fix the super computer.” Jeremie commanded.

“No way! I want to help.” William argued.

“Fine, fine.” Jeremie surrendered, “But don’t hold me accountable if your digital envelope is damaged, when you get here. Are you willing to take that risk?” Jeremie asked.

“Yes,” William agreed hastily, “I want to fight.”

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