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Xana is Back Part 7

July 18, 2010
By AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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“Okay then, this may set back everything, but as I have little choice, I’ll send you in. Let me know when you’re in the scanners. Call me. I won’t answer, but then I’ll know.” Jeremie commanded militaristically.


A few seconds later, the phone on the super computer rang. Okay, thought Jeremie, it’s go time.

“Transfer, William! Scanner, William! Virtualization!” (Note: that phrase is a frequently used phrase from Code: Lyoko, and is the property of Taffy Corporation.)

William appeared in front of Jeremie, who had just barely managed to hold on to the process of fixing the super computer while virtualizing William.

“William, head due West, you are needed there. Yumi and Aelita and a scyphozoa that is on our side, are up against Ulrich, and the sciphezoa is bringing Odd back. All of them were possessed by Xana, but now it’s just Ulrich, and Odd should be on our side any moment, as soon as he awakens from the scyphozoa, would be my guess. Oh, and one more thing, if you get devirtualized, it’s for good until I debug the super computer, so don’t mess this up!” Jeremie completed, only to find that William had passed out.

William’s digital envelope had been damaged, and he had lost all of his strength. Now, he was a sitting duck. He couldn’t move, and if he was devirtualized, he was dead. The only way to fix him was to debug the super computer, which was almost finished.

“Done!” Jeremie declared triumphantly.

“What’s going on?” William blinked repeatedly.

“No time to explain again, just… head that way! I’ll accompany you.” Jeremie explained.

“No, Jeremie. Someone needs to guard the tower in case any monsters come, the situation out there is pretty dire. We can’t afford to have a second major fight afterwards in front of the tower!” William regained his memory quickly.

“I guess you’re right, William.” Jeremie conceded. “You stay, I’ll go.”

“Okay.” William nodded.

Jeremie ran in the direction that he had pointed William in. He hopped onto the overbike which was still there.

“Don’t let us down.” Were Jeremie’s parting words to William as he rode off.

“I won’t.” William whispered, though Jeremie couldn’t hear him.

Odd was laying on the floor of the forest sector, having just been released by the scyphozoa, who was already preparing to get Ulrich into it’s tentacles. But Ulrich would not be that easy to catch. Odd began to pick himself up, dusting himself off. He was disoriented for a moment. It did not take him long to realize that Aelita was not possessed.

“Alright, who’s friend, and who’s foe?” Odd questioned Aelita.

Without looking away from Ulrich who she was trying to corner into the scyphozoa, Aelita replied, “Well, You and Yumi, and I are not possessed by Xana, Jeremie and William are also on our side when they arrive, and so is the scyphozoa- don’t ask, it’s a long story.” She stopped him before he asked the many inevitable questions.

“So we want the scyphozoa to get Ulrich?” Odd confirmed, dumbfounded.

“Yep.” Aelita replied curtly.

“Well, okay, then.”

Then, Jeremie approached on the overbike.

“Everything’s okay, now. The super computer is fixed. If a devirtualization becomes necessary, it can be done.” Jeremie announced.

“Where’s William?” asked Aelita, warily.

“He’s guarding the tower,” Jeremie replied, “We’d better get there as soon as we recover Ulrich. This is Xana’s most violent attack, yet!”

“Well, well, Einstein.” Odd clucked his tongue, Einstein was Odd’s nickname for Jeremie, “I see somebody’s finally on Lyoko! Where’s your weapon?”

“My weapon is the golden computer key that is controlling that scyphozoa.” Jeremie replied, somewhat proudly.

“So does this mean you’re gonna fight with us from now on?” Odd asked.

“Absolutely not! Aelita dragged me into this!” Jeremie quickly became defensive.

“Are you a pacifist, Jeremie?” asked Aelita.

“A what?” Odd was clearly confused.

“Someone who is against fighting.” Aelita replied.

“I am not a pacifist!” Jeremie cried out.

“Okay, okay, if you say so,” Aelita replied in an attempt to soothe Jeremie.

“Jeez, no need to blow your top, Einstein!” Odd snickered.

“Imagine, my own friends, accusing me of being a pacifist… The very notion…” Jeremie grumbled.

“Give it a rest, will ya, you three?” Yumi grunted, “Ulrich doesn’t become any less possessed, just because you three decided to have a quarrel.”

“Fine.” All three sighed, simultaneously.

“Good, because there are some monsters heading our way. Three bloks, and a tarantula,” Tarantulas are tall monsters with long spindly limbs, and what appeared to be guns, sticking out of their arms. Like all of Xana’s monsters, they are very dangerous.

“Jeremie, what should we do, will the scyphozoa get Ulrich soon?” Yumi asked, concernedly.

“Yes, in fact, it should only be a few more moments now. Odd, take the tarantula, Yumi, pick a blok, and Aelita, take two, for the time being. Ulrich should fill in shortly, and then Aelita give one of your bloks to him.” Jeremie instructed.

“Okay!” everyone agreed enthusiastically.

“Man, it’s good to be back in action!” Odd exclaimed.

“I’m bringing in your vehicles.” Jeremie, explained, and the overboard and the over wing materialized directly overhead. The overboard is a purple levitating skateboard-like vehicle, the overwing is a large gray vehicle with a flat, almost circular surface for standing on, and a handle protruding from the top to hang onto.

Odd did an exuberant flip onto his overboard, while Yumi stepped onto her overwing cautiously, almost as if she didn’t trust that it was really there.

“Jeremie,” Yumi paused, “How are you doing this?”

“Simple, Yumi. Manipulating the super computer appears to be my ability in Lyoko, in the same way that telekinesis is yours, triplication is Ulrich’s, flash forward was Odd’s in the beginning, and creativity is Aelita’s.” Jeremie explained. Triplication is when Ulrich makes two copies of himself, and creativity is an ability Aelita has that allows her to change the landscapes of Lyoko at will, it also seems to encompass her ability to create a copy of people

Ulrich was in the tentacles of the scyphozoa, and it would be only moments before his release.

Ulrich dropped to the ground, clutching his head, he immediately stood up.

“Jeremie, what are you doing here?” he asked.

Getting tired of explaining the same thing over and over, Jeremie sighed, “I’ll explain it later. Right now, Ulrich, I need your help.”

“Okay, whatever you need, I’ll do it.” Ulrich answered seriously.

“When I count to three, I’m going to pull that little key off the scyphozoa, then, I’m going to run like crazy, because I don’t have a real weapon, I need you to immediately disarm it’s tentacles, and then destroy it.” Jeremie ordered tersely.

“I have a better idea.” Ulrich inserted, tossing Jeremie one of his twin blades, “take one of my swords and do it yourself, it looks like the others need me over there.”

Jeremie caught the sword, and held it nervously in his hand.

“Oh, and one more thing, Jeremie,” Ulrich smirked.

“Yes…?” Jeremie responded testily.

“You’re holding the saber with your wrist upside down.” His smirk grew larger.

“I knew that.” Jeremie grinned sheepishly, tossing the sword in the air, and allowing it to land in his hand right side up.

“Sure. Well, anyway, gotta jet!” Ulrich laughed, “Super sprint!” he yelled using an ability he has to run extremely quickly for a short period of time.

Jeremie watched the blur of Ulrich run into the fracas.

Jeremie calmly approached the scyphozoa, leaning in towards the key with his left hand, and tightening his grip on Ulrich’s saber with the right. He held his sword arm directly at the scyphozoa’s tentacles, as he pulled the key out, and replaced it in his sheath. In the same motion, he fluidly took out the scyphozoa’s tentacles. Then, knowing the scyphozoa was disarmed and helpless now, though it was back under Xana’s control, he carefully lined the sword up with the eye of Xana on the scyphozoa’s head, and took it out in out more motion.

Then, hopping on the overbike, which was actually Ulrich’s, but Ulrich must’ve known Jeremie would need it, he revved up, and took off. Holding the sword carefully by his hip, making sure he didn’t devirtualize himself by mistake, he took flight. The battle scene was only moments away.

Aelita was cornered by a blok, and headed once again for the digital sea. Jeremie had to act, everyone else was engaged in their own battle. He was still too far away. He would have to either toss the sword, or the key at the blok. Jeremie decided that the sword was indubitably preferable, as either way, even if it missed, and hit Aelita, at least she’d be devirtualized and out of harm’s way.

Pulling his wrist back carefully, trying to figure out how accurate his aim was, Jeremie tossed the light sword at the blok.

It missed entirely, falling to the ground about three feet short.

“No!!!!” shrieked Jeremie, “It can’t be.” He muttered, suddenly feeling broken.

Aelita plunged towards the digital sea.

But just moments before she landed in the waters that would trap her on Lyoko forever, with little to no hope of recovery, Yumi spotted Aelita falling.
Acting quickly, she used her telekinesis to bring Aelita back up. Yumi was glowing, her black hair highlighted by a halo of light.

“Thank you, Yumi.” Aelita said, smiling sincerely.

“No prob, Aelita.” Yumi replied quickly, turning back to her own fight.

“Energy beam!” Aelita announced happily, taking out the blok that almost took her out.

Jeremie ran into the din to retrieve the sword, “Aelita,” he called, “Aelita, you’ve got to get to the tower.”

“But how? It’s much too far, now.” Aelita wondered.

“I don’t know.” Jeremie begrudgingly admitted.

“Wait! I just had an idea!” Aelita exclaimed, “Devirtualize me, and then I can revirtualize closer in to the tower. If William’s doing what he’s supposed to, this should be a piece of cake!”

“Aelita, that just may be crazy enough to work,” Jeremie grinned confidently.

“Okay, then. Attack me with the sword.” Aelita said emotionlessly.

“Alright, goodbye, Aelita!” Jeremie hesitated with a gulp, and then delicately scratched Aelita. Still, the attack did its trick, and Aelita was quickly devirtualized.

Aelita ran out of the scanner room, and into the main control room. She picked up the head piece, “This is Aelita, and I’m about to start up the delayed virtualization.” She stated.

“Okay.” Jeremie replied, now busy helping Odd with his tarantula.

“Yeah! This one’s a toughie! I never did think much of spiders! ” Odd smiled.

“Odd, don’t look now, but I think that tarantula didn’t like your joke!” Ulrich called.

Odd turned around to see a shot aimed for his head. Odd quickly jumped, as the shot hit where he had been just a moment ago, “Well you can’t please all of the critics!” Odd replied jovially.

“Pah! Whatever!” Ulrich grunted, returning his full focus to the blok he was fighting.

“Stop goofing around for now, Odd. We just have to hold them off of Aelita for another couple of minutes. Someone should go see how William’s doing.” Jeremie fretted.

“I’ll go. I just hope my pet tarantula won’t miss me, too much!” Odd winked and took off on his overboard.

“It actually could be his pet- it’s about as obnoxious as Kiwi!” Ulrich declared, Kiwi was Odd’s trouble-making dog.

“Oh I don’t know, I think this monster’s smarter!” Jeremie smiled, narrowly missing it with a sword swipe.

“I heard that!” Odd called from a distance. Ulrich and Jeremie laughed.

Odd whisked by the landscape of Lyoko. He hoped that he got there soon, and secretly hoped that William was over his head, Odd wanted some more monsters to fight. He soon got to the point where he saw William, waiting. His expression was an odd combination of pensiveness and boredom.

“Were there any monsters?” asked Odd.

“Yes.” William replied.

“Darn! I missed them! Aelita should be here any moment.” Odd informed William, “Why the long face?” he continued, noticing William’s melancholy expression.

“Does Yumi hate me?” he asked, unusually subdued. It was well-known that he and Yumi were involved in a complicated love quadrangle. He loved Yumi, who loved Ulrich, and Ulrich loved Yumi, But Sissi, the principal’s daughter loved Ulrich.

“I don’t know.” Odd answered honestly, “But you should really set your sights elsewhere- in case you hadn’t noticed, she kinda has a thing for Ulrich!”

“I know, but I can’t help it.” He replied, “It’s like gravity- inevitable.”

“Here comes Aelita!” Odd explained. William was still a novice on Lyoko, as he did not appear to remember when he fought for Xana against his will.”

Sure enough, Aelita was materializing with remarkable precision, only a couple of feet from the tower. Without pausing for greetings, she quickly ran into the tower, the walls absorbing her as though she were a liquid. Towers had no entrances or exits, they could be entered from any side, simply by being absorbed into the wall.

Aelita stepped onto the first of two platforms. The floors were blue in two different shades of rings, each lit up, as she quickly ran over them. Around her, thousands of numbers, fragments of data, swirled on the inside walls. She quickly reached the center of the rings, and began to float up, tilting her head back. She did a flip in the air.

Then, she landed on a second platform of blue rings, this time, they all lit up at once when she stepped on the first one. She put her hand out, palm flat, and a pale blue interface appeared, recognizing her digital signature, the word Aelita flashed across the screen. Then it said “Code:”
It paused, and then with five beeps, the word Lyoko was added below the word code. It was over, this attack was over, and Xana was defeated, for now. But this meant it was not for good.

Aelita threw her head forward, then back, as the data began to sink around her, “Tower deactivated.” She said in an almost trance-like voice. Then she realized there was no one to launch a return to the past, a form of time travel used to erase damage caused by Xana.

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