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Code: Lyoko Xana is Back Part 8

July 18, 2010
By AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
AelitaReloaded PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Meanwhile Jeremie was having the same realization, at the same time. He tried to launch a return to the past, but all of the other things he had done had weakened him so that he could barely move.

Jeremie reaches to plunge the sword into himself to send himself back to the real world where he can operate the super computer. Ulrich stops him, grabbing his wrist, “No, Jeremie, that’s a very bad idea. You will surely pass out in the scanner as you are already hindered, we can’t afford to wait! I’ll do it, instead.” Ulrich volunteered.

“But, Ulrich…” Yumi started.


“You stink at computers!” she declared pointedly.

“I’ve launched a return to the past before.” He replied touchily.

“Yeah, but it’ll probably take you too long, I’ll do it. Devirtualize me.”

“But, Yumi-“ he protested.

“Do it now.” She said firmly.

“Okay… he hesitantly plunged his small sword into Yumi. She quickly devirtualized.

As soon as Yumi got out of the scanner, she quickly headed to the super computer, and punched in a return to the past. Remembering all of the times Jeremie had said this before, she practically shouted, “Return to the past, now.”

In moments, all of the poison flowers disappeared, and the people who were already becoming quite ill from them froze. A white, spherical light bathed the world, and everything went back in time.

The five Lyoko warriors sat in Jeremie’s room talking. William was not invited, they still weren’t convinced if they could trust him.

“We’ve got a lot of things to discuss.” Odd began.

“Yes, like for one, are we going to shut the super computer down again.” Aelita continued.

“Obviously not.” Jeremie interjected, “It didn’t seem to do any good the last time. Somehow, Xana is surviving, and as long as Xana’s around we have to keep fighting him, Agreed?” Jeremie looked around the room for support.

Aelita added, “All for say aye, all against say nothing.”

The room chorused with one word, “Aye!”

“Okay, so that’s settled,” said Odd, “But what about the William issue? Are we going to let him fight with us, again, now? Or are we going to ban him for getting possessed by Xana?”

“All for, say for. Then, all against say against.” Ulrich said.

“For,” said Jeremie, “He may be a little hare-brained, and not to mention audacious, but we let Odd be with us, don’t we?” Jeremie joked.

“Hey!” Odd cried out.

Everyone laughed, “I was just kidding, Odd.” Jeremie added quickly, worried he may have offended his friend.

“I know.” Odd smiled.

“Seriously, though, let’s keep voting, Odd, what do you say?” Yumi pressed.

“Against, William’s a good enough guy, but if he can’t obey orders like the rest of us, he doesn’t belong. Besides, we can’t have him stealing the show!” Odd grinned widely, flashing his teeth.

“Okay, so one for, one against, I guess it’s my turn,” Aelita said, “I have to vote against. I agree with Odd, William thinks he knows all of the answers, he doesn’t listen to anyone else, he just does what he wants. We can’t afford for him to make another mistake.”

“Yumi?” Jeremie prompted.

“For.” Yumi replied, without giving an explanation.

“Ulrich, it looks like you have the deciding vote.” Jeremie informed him.

“Then I vote for, I think William can prove useful, but we need to train him first, his first lesson will be following orders.” Ulrich said humorlessly.

“It’s settled then, William is a Lyoko warrior.” Jeremie announced, “Are there any other issues that need discussing?” he posed.

“I think there’s one more.” Said Odd.

“And what issue would that be?” Jeremie asked.

“Whether you will be fighting with us on Lyoko, again.” Odd replied.

“Odd. I already told you- I don’t want to.” Jeremie protested.

“Well, I don’t think it should be up to you- Xana’s gotten a lot stronger, and you’re really useful, no siree, I think we need to decide as a group.” Odd looked at Jeremie grimly.

Jeremie, still exhausted from his time in Lyoko, agreed comatosely, “Fine. All against me being in Lyoko say against.”

Jeremie’s voice was the only one, in an otherwise silent room.

“Then it’s settled.” Odd grinned.

“It’s not fair! Don’t I have a say! It’s my life!” Jeremie screamed, not knowing what he was saying.

The entire room went so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

“I didn’t mean that.” Jeremie apologized.

“Great! Then your training starts tomorrow, you’ll just have to program yourself a weapon.” Odd declared triumphantly.

Jeremie said something very quickly.

“What was that?” Odd cocked his head, a comical gesture, as his blond hair was characteristically gelled up into a point, his hair larger than his actual head, a purple streak was in the front of his hair, as always.

“I think he said something about a two- ton army tank!” Aelita replied laughing.

“Boy, oh boy! We are going to have our work cut out for us!” Odd smiled, shaking his head.

End of episode 1- stay tuned for the next episode.

The author's comments:
This is the last installment of episode 1- episode 2 is in the making...

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