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Forever (part 3)

July 29, 2010
By Runner242 GOLD, Rochester, New York
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Chapter 2

When Edward and Jacob returned, the morning light was starting to shine. A new day was beginning. When they walked threw the door, their expressions where exactly the same, hard, worried, and angry. Immediately Edward was at my side. “What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing happened. But Carlisle was right, there’s something strange going on at La Push.”

“What’s going on?” Why hadn’t he told me yet? I needed to know. Was it something to do with the wolf I’d seen?

“The wolves encountered something that I have only heard about, The Children of the Moon.”

“Edward! Aren’t those the real werewolves, the ones that the Volturi has been trying to extinct for the past centuries?” Oh no! This is bad! They’re supposed to be extremely dangerous. I wanted to cry in his arms, for him to hold me tightly.

“Yes. But don’t worry; I’m going to take care of it. I will hunt him down and kill him, he will never hurt you love.” He was comforting me. I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted to stand there forever with him and share the moment. He bent over to kiss the top of my head, and I put my hands over my face, burying them in his chest. I didn’t want him to see me like this.

After I was able to control myself again, I looked up at his face. His eyes were a solid honey color. They were serious and aware. I pulled away from him, but kept his hand in mine. I wasn’t going to separate us. Renesmee and Jacob were talking about what had happened at the treaty line between them and Sam.

“When we got to the line, only Sam was there.” As Jacob explained, I listened. I didn’t want to say anything, afraid that my voice might break.

“Why was he there alone? I thought they never meet up with you at the line unless there were at least 2 of them.” Renesmee had asked, which I was glad, because this to made me wonder.

“He said it was too dangerous for any of them to leave the Reservation, or be in the woods for to long. He didn’t want to risk his packs safety.”


“Yeah, so after we got there, Sam started to explain how they saw the wolf. They were just doing their daily run around the boarder of the reservation, when they saw another wolf. Sam described the wolf to us and Edward knew by its description that it was in fact ‘The Children of the Moon’.” As Jacob said it he looked over at Edward.

“Yeah, they fit their description perfectly. I warned Sam about them and told them we would take care of things.” Edward said.

“And then Sam said that they would help us, if we needed it.” Jacob added.

“It was very kind of them, but I would never ask them to help and risk their lives. I wouldn’t want them to get in the middle of anything that might happen.” Carlisle interrupted.

I finally spoke up and said what was on my mind, “Edward, what do you mean by ‘take care of things’? You’re not going to go after him are you?” I was so worried he would get hurt.

“Bella, I have to.”


“Bella, please listen.”

I cut him off, “Edward, I can’t stand being separated from you. You can’t expect me to stay home while you go off risking your life to keep this family safe, not knowing you’ll come home! I’m coming with you!” As soon as I said it, his face was frozen.

“Bella, you can’t.”

“But Edward,” He put his finger over my mouth. I looked at him; his eyes still the solid honey color.

“You’re not going with me, end of discussion.” He said in a serious tone.

When I look over to see Jacob and Renesmee, they were staring at us. Jacob knew how protective Edward was of me, but this was the first time Renesmee had really seen it. The only other time she’d seen Edward like this was when the Volturi came ready to attack us. We all thought we would die; no survivors. Luck was on our side though. We had Jacob and Sam’s packs with us and plenty of witnesses. The Volturi stopped, and we were able to talk to them, explaining why they came to kill us wasn’t true. They came because they thought Renesmee was an immortal child. But she wasn’t. She’s half human, half vampire. After a lot of talking and waiting, also a few hits from his clan, they left in peace and we were never bothered again.

Once I had enough of their stares, I left the room. I ran to our tiny cottage in the woods as quickly as I could. I could feel Edward behind me, but I didn’t turn to see him. I opened the door and went to our bedroom. I sat on the bed quietly, looking at the floor. I felt Edward put his hand on my back, trying to sooth me, but obviously it wasn’t working. We sat like that for a long time, me keeping perfectly still, looking at the ground, and Edward rubbing my back, trying to calm me down. Finally Edward couldn’t stand the silence. “Bella, please say something!”

“Don’t leave.” I said it in a quite voice.

He sighed. “Bella you know I can’t do that. I need to do what’s best for you and Renesmee. If something ever happened to you Bella, and Renesmee…” He stuttered, “I don’t know what I’d do. I’m going to do everything I can to keep you and her safe forever. You have to trust me Bella. I will come back.”
Suddenly, Edward was holding me in his lap, rocking me back in forth. “Bella, I love you more then anything. Everything is going to be fine. Trust me.” As he whispered it into my ear, he pulled me around to see me face. His hands cradled my face and he said, “Bella, there are things between my hands that I am not willing to loose.” Then his lips crushed onto mine. It felt like every nerve in my body was alive. It was a passionate kiss. My toes began to tingle, then he pulled away.

“Edward what is it?” What was the matter with him tonight? His emotions were changing so quickly, like he was alert.

He got up from the bed and walked to the front door. He crouched over and a fierce growling sound came from his chest. He opened it to find a werewolf. It wasn’t a wolf from the reservation and it wasn’t Jake. It was one of the Children of the Moon wolfs. It looked just like one I had seen days ago at a distance. Edward sprang quickly at the wolf. I heard fabric ripping and starred in shock at the space where the wolf and Edward where fighting.

“Edward!” I cried out. The werewolf was on top of him. He looked like he was in so much pain. I ran over to the door thinking to myself; please be ok, please be ok! Hang on Edward I’m coming! When I was at the door frame I jumped on top of the wolf. I clawed at the wolf till I couldn’t hear its heart beat anymore. When my clothes where a wreck with blood stains and dirt, I threw the wolf into the trees and looked back over to Edward. “Edward! Are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t help you faster! I was so scared and shocked!”

“Bella! You’re asking if I’m okay! Please Bella, you nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw you on top of the wolf, and that’s not something that’s easily done.”

“Oh, I’m sorr…sorry. It’s just that I thought the wolf was tearing you apart. I could hear clothes ripping and I didn’t know what to think.” He cut me off.

“Bella, you thought what?” He sounded furious. “I was ripping my shirt off! I was about to stuff it into his mouth so he couldn’t bit anyone.”

All I managed to choke out was “Oh”.

He looked at me for a minuet and then came to my side. “I’m so sorry Bella. I didn’t mean to yell at you, I lost my temper for a second. But please tell me something. Was that the wolf you were talking about?” His voice drifted off.

A stressed expression came across my face. “It looked very similar to the one I remember, but no, I don’t think it was the same one. The one I saw was bigger.” I didn’t say anymore then that. I couldn’t. Pain crossed his face. He pulled me in closer, his arms strong around my waist. He kissed the top of my head. His chest was cold, and muscular. Edward with out his shirt on was a beautiful site; so many male models would trade their souls to have his body. Wait, no I don’t believe in that, you don’t lose your soul when you become immortal. That may be what Edward believes, but certainly not me. How else would we be ‘soul mates.’ See its all in the title, we were meant to be together, forever, and that wouldn’t happen if we both lost our souls.

We walked hand in hand back into our little cottage. Edward was going to need a shirt before we went back into the Cullen house. Edward put on a tight gray shirt. I could see the outline of his muscular chest and upper arms.

We ran to the Cullen’s house. It was early morning and we found Jacob and Renesmee sleeping on the couch. “Don’t worry about them; they just didn’t want to interrupt us. They were up late, we should let them sleep.” Edward whispered into my ear.

Alice and Jasper where home now, cooking breakfast for the half humans. When we walked into the kitchen, Alice skipped over to my side. “Hey Bella!”

“Morning Alice.” I returned to her.

“Bella, do you mind if I talk to Edward alone?”

“Um, sure?” I looked over at Edward when I said it, wondering what this was about, but he wasn’t looking at me, he was paying attention to Alice.

“Thanks!” As she said it, she took Edwards hand and dragged him into the other room.

“What’s that all about?” I asked Jasper who was making pancakes, once they where out of the room.

“Nothing you need to worry about Bella.” That’s all he said, keeping focus on his cooking.

I didn’t say anything after that. I knew something was up, and they were trying to keep it from me.

“Honestly Bella, there’s nothing going on.” When he said it, I could feel my worries go away. Sometimes I liked Jasper; he always made me feel relaxed. But other times, I was scared of him. He wasn’t like the rest of the Cullen’s. He came from the south and fought in the old vampire wars. Jasper has many crescent scars from the multiple vampires who have tried to kill him. Vampire bites are the only thing that can leave a scare on our skin.

Edward was back with Alice then. His face was composed, but looked like he was hiding something. I tried to smile at him, but it didn’t feel right. He walked over to my right side and looked over at Jasper, then back at me. I could hear Renesmee waking up in the other room, and nodded towards the doorway. Edward understood and we walked into see her.

“Good morning sunshine.” I said in a light voice. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes actually, and morning to you too.”

“Would you like your breakfast now?” Edward asked the question in a polite and friendly voice.

“No thank you, I think I’ll wait till Jake gets up.”

“Alright, but if you get hungry, Alice and Jasper are making pancakes for you in the kitchen.”

“Thanks Dad.”

“No problem, but I shouldn’t be the one you’re thanking, that would be our chiefs of the day.” He said amused.

Jacob started to awake then, rolling off the couch and onto the floor. “What, what’s going on?” He said in a panicked, confused voice.

“Nothing Jake, you just fell off the couch.” Renesmee said.


I turned my attention to Jacob then. “Are you ready for breakfast?” I asked.

“Sure, what’s the specialty of the day?” He asked amused.

“Pancakes.” Edward responded.

“Fantastic. That’s just what everyone needs in the morning, a healthy dose of pancakes.” What was with his good mood this morning? Did he completely forget about last night?

Edward and I directed them into the kitchen. We brought them their breakfast and sat across from them.

“So, what are we going to do about those ‘Children of the Moon’?” Jacob said amused with finger quotations around ‘The Children of the Moon’.

“Well, Bella and I encountered one last night at the cottage last night or rather this morning. We were able to take it down, but we certainly didn’t kill it.” Edward said in a serious tone.

“Are you kidding me? I missed that! It would have been awful funny to see Bella try to take down something like that.” Jake said.

“Well I had it, but then she thought it was tarring me to shreds. Silly Bella, doesn’t she know me better then that? Oh well, then she pulled it off me and fought with it. After it had enough she threw it into the woods. But it definitely didn’t kill the beast, instead it did some heavy damage.”

“What do you mean by heavy damage?” Renesmee asked.

“Heavy damage as in it seriously is injured. I’m sure it would be capable to kill any of us if we gave it the chance. But that’s why were not going to give that terrible creature the chance.” Edward said in a harsh voice.

“And how exactly do you plan on killing this creature?” Jacob interrupted.

“Ah. Now there you see is my dilemma. I only know of one person who knows how these creatures can be killed other then the volturi.”

“Who?” Jacob questioned.

“An old family friend, Eleazar.”

“Eleazar, from the Denali clan?” I interrupted.

“Yes, remember? He was a member of the volturi‘s guard himself.” Edward explained.

“Ah yes, I do remember. He was a very friendly man. How is the Denali clan? I don’t think I’ve heard from them since our encounter with the volturi themselves.”

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