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Another Spartan

January 22, 2011
By xX_so-confused_Xx PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
xX_so-confused_Xx PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
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The sounds of battle raged in his ears. Quickly he opened his eyes. On his overhead display he saw nothing but blackness. Still, Masterchief's voice reached him through the com-link. Move, Spartans! We have to reach Blue-Five. Blue-Five. He feels like he should know who that is. Slowly, as if drugged, he concludes that Blue-Five is Domenique. But he feels that this is still incomplete. Again, slowly, he realizes he's Blue-Five. All signs of possible drugs suddenly lift. He, Domenique, runs a quick diagnostic. What systems are online are clean and good to go. Curious, his shields and biomonitors are down. And his com-link keeps cutting out. I have to help them, he thinks. He tries sitting up and can't. He runs another diagnostic. Now the hydroelectric gel is malfunctioning. Everything else is fine, except for his overhead display. Manually, Domenique traces the signal to his powerpack. Who would be stupid enough to mess with his powerpack while he's still inside! It finally dawns on him that hes been captured by the covenant, and they've set an engineer to examine his armor. Slimy b*******. Suddenly his viewscreen flickers on, and his gel is back online. Domenique sees three jackals evenly spaced throughout the large tent, and numerous grunts trying very hard not to be in the way. None of them seemed to be watching him at all. the aliens were very relaxed in their stance, no weapons drawn what-so-ever. They must have been very confident in the engineers ability to incapacitate him. Very carefully, Domenique flexes his left hand. At least they were smart enough to take my weapon, he thought. He'd have to fight his way out, hand-to-hand. He decided to take out the grunts first, annoying little sons of b******, would run for reinforcements and Domenique would never get out. Slowly waiting for the opportune moment, he attempts to calculate his position in relation to his rescue party. This turned out to be extremely difficult and rather distracting, so he gave up and concentrated on escape. He lifted his legs and brought his arms to his head, pushing off from the table and landing on top of the passing grunt, crushing it's internal organs with a disgusting squelch. Snakelike, both arms reached out and grabbed the nearest grunts, obliterating their skulls. Domenique swung his arms forward, squishing the surprised and nonreactive grunt in front of him. Finished, he whirls to locate the nearest Jackal. Too proud to call for reinforcements, they had drawn their plasma pistols and engaged their hand-held shields, waiting patiently to attack. Balanced in a half-crouch, Domenique assessed his situation. The nearest Jackal was still too far away; if he tried to attack, especially with faulty shields, and couldn't get behind the Jackals, he was sure to die. He reached behind him and grabbed the engineer still attached to his powerpack. Realizing its eminent doom, it restores everything to full capacity and falls limp. Minute adjustments to his stance, and Domenique could lob the alien over the farthest Jackal's shield, and hopefully the engineer would dismantle it's pistol, or at least distract the idiot long enough, giving him enough time to take out the nearest without getting shot down. He would only have a few seconds between throwing and jumping to get behind the shield. Preparing to jump, Domenique drew back his hand and launched the engineer like a shotput at the farthest jackal, jumping a split-second after towards the nearest. Hurdling neatly over the hand-held shield, he helicoptered his arms as he pivoted, clipping the jacked at the base of it's neck, snapping its spinal column. Grabbing the hand-held shield, Domenique glanced up to see where the other jackals were. The farthest had its shield perfectly angled for a rebound shot at the third. Launching himself forward, Domenique shot the alien pistol and killed the closer jackal. Using his momentum, he barreled into the remaining jackal, knocking it flat. It let out a surprised squeal and died of suffocation. Carefully, Domenique got to his feet and turned just in time to see Masterchief enter the tent. "Looks like you didn't need rescuing after all"

The author's comments:
I understand that there is no way half of this stuff would actually happen, just so we're all clear on that.

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