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Othello: The Abridged

March 10, 2011
By AAD602 BRONZE, Grosse Tete, Louisiana
AAD602 BRONZE, Grosse Tete, Louisiana
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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far, away... There was a beautiful, caring princess. She went by the name of Desdemona. Desdemona was in love with a chivalrous Moor, named Othello. However, her father did not approve of her marrying him, because he was black. Desdemona was to marry a prince

Othello had a best friend, whose name was Iago. Iago always appeared to be an honest, respectable person. He and Othello had been best friends since they were children in the kingdom. However, Iago did not take Othello’s promotion kind heartedly. He was sinful, jealous person.

One fateful night, Desdemona and Othello decided to disregard others and put their love for one another first. They stole away and eloped. However, luck was not in store for them. The next day, Desdemona’s vengeful father, Brabantio, caught wind of the wedding. just when all was calming down, Othello was called into war.

Little did Othello know, jealous Iago wanted to be his general. However, Othello appointed his long- time partner Cassio. Iago went into a jealous rage and plotted his revenge for this treachery.

Iago came up with an elaborate scheme to gain his dignity back in his eyes. He got his wife, Desdemona’s maid in waiting, to steal a special locket Othello gave her that belonged to his mother.

Iago cleverly placed the locket in possession of Cassio, who was Desdemona’s childhood friend. Knowing this would be suspicious, Iago planned to tell Othello. Othello was warned of this “rumor” by Iago himself.

Othello did not truly believe Iago, and proved over and over that be was true to Desdemona. He said, “If she be false, O then heaven mocks itself.” Eventually, though, the “evidence” piled against her. This made Othello greatly depressed. Unknowingly wrong, he lashed out at innocent Desdemona.

Even though she was perfectly innocent, the lies told by infamous Iago swayed Othello to abuse her and ignore her story. Confused, Desdemona realized that she “lost” the precious locket. Feeling terribly guilty about it, she confessed to Cassio having it.

In a blinding rage, Othello smothered Desdemona, regardless of the consequences. At this time, the ernest Emilia finally pieced together the complicated web of lies. Confessing to the woes of her devious husband, she too was killed. Iago was subjected to torture, and put away to await his death.

Othello, overcome with grief, took his own life when the realization of the lies sunk in. He lay down and died next to Desdemona, as it should have been. Their bodies were buried at sea together.
This story may seem horrific. It may seem tragic and unfit to read. However, a story is not completely over until the happy ending. That being said, somewhere in the afterlife, the Moor and his faithful Desdemona were reunited in love. They were together forever after, even though the story cannot end, “and they lived happily ever after.”


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