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A Beautiful Nightmare

September 14, 2011
By Chaday1911 BRONZE, West Point, Mississippi
Chaday1911 BRONZE, West Point, Mississippi
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My state of being is unknown to me. Enveloped in complete obscurity, with no sound, no sight and no smell; there is no reason for me to go on, but I still move with difficulty because I feel superfluous weight cover my body. I see a forest materialize in my vision. I find that my movements are hindered from me wearing a very heavy long dress. I grasp it pulling it up so fallen sticks and branches won’t clasp and rip it and not only the dress was a problem, but also these stilettos I was wearing. This was crap I hate wearing dresses. The forest was dense with lush vegetation. I heard crickets and frogs making calling to retrieve mates. The moon hung high illuminating the tops of the pine and deciduous trees, with the wind softly seeping between the trunks of the trees. I saw specks of light come and disappear from around me. Lightening bugs. I could smell the scents of the pine and water that licked my feet and the tips of my dress from the dew of the grasses. Soon I could see light and the forest soon evaporates.

I am at a gravel road.

I hear the galloping of horses feet interact with the rocks of the road. There were two majestic black stallions pulling a Victorian carriage which was royal red. From the wheels to the spokes to the doors which opened of their own will. I jumped back. Then a hand white has fragrant gardenias extends to escort me in. I reluctantly took it, noticing I was wearing these mechanical gloves made out of platinum covered in diamonds and rubies. I looked at my free hand my nails protrude out and they were painted what seemed to be black. I observed it vigilantly. The hand tightened its grip and I came in the carriage with no grace at all. The doors shut behind me and the hand was gone. I stand in utter convolution. I fall back on the soft velvet red cushions of the carriage’s abrupt movements. I quickly gather myself and fix my dress. I stop and notice that, from the small candle lit pit that my dress is also red. I pulled up my dress and jutted my foot to see four inch heels that were open toe and was intricately woven. The top of the shoe was covered in rubies and diamonds in the forms of roses with spikes of platinum sticking out and around the bottom rim of my feet where my toes are, and they also were painted red. The heel of the stiletto had rubies around the top of the shoe that connect to the heel. There were shimmering stripes that were covered in diamonds that twirled around to the bottom of the heel. At the back of the strap that wrapped around my ankle, had a rose on the back with strings of diamonds trailing down. I am walking on ten million dollars! I covered my feet with the dress.

I looked down to myself. My neck was graced with heavy white gold and rubies the size of stones. I felt my ear; they were rubies to! From the feeling of them, they also were in the shape of roses. I palpated my body. My bust area was black and bejeweled with smaller diamonds and rubies that were so gracious that I thought my breasts were going to pop out. The fabric was smooth as silk and overlapped on itself in the waste area and my back was in the form of a corset I feeling the precious stones cover the openings of the strings. And the dress finally flows with a superfluity of huge ruffles resembling petals of roses, and at the end of each petal was an outline of black lace and gems. I’m wearing twenty million dollars!

The horses were slowing in their gait. I knew I was at my destination. The doors opened again absently. I gathered the heavy dress and stepped out. All I could smell were roses. This edifice was magnificent. It was constructed of bricks with fifty windows with white shingles. The entrance to the manor was made up like the Parthenon of Athena in Athens, Greece. With four titanic glass doors with red swirls covering them. There were steps in front of me and each side were gardens of white and red roses with ponds the size of Olympic swimming pools with fountains of marble crying angels. They were Cherubs and Seraphs; I knew this because Cherubs have four wings and Seraphs, as Avlon had told me, have six. I turned around the carriage was gone. I felt a chill go down my spine. I turned back to notice that the angels were in different positions they weren’t crying anymore they stood there as if they were staring at me. I picked up my dress and moved to the doors of the manor, with the end of my dress scratching the white marble steps. I reached for the golden coated knob and ran in. I closed the door and leaned against it. My breathing soothed. What is happening? I opened my eyes into the house the carpet was red with gold seams that led to an endless white corridor. The dressers were of Edwardian design with roses hanging from the walls and small skulls forged out of diamonds covered the honey waxed wood with vases full of the flowers. I squinted my eyes; something was lying on the floor. I ran to it. As I came closer to it the form of my Madame Lolita in a red ruffled dress covered the floor before my eyes. I knelt down to pick her up. I looked back to the door and then up. There were angels hanging in the corners of the ceilings complementing the white marble flying buttresses holding up the golden ribbed vaults. There were stained glass windows that were black but showed delicately forged pictures of roses and skulls. My heart rate increased and I moved deeper into the manor.

I finally made it to the end of the passageway to meet a fork which led to two stairways. I chose the right. I put my hand on the cool wooden handle bar traveling up the velvet swathed steps and the father I ascended the darker and sinister it became. I moved faster until I was finally there at the top that led to another hallway but there were giant red double doors before me. It was either open the doors or go down the creepy hallway. I chose the double doors. I clasped the handle and pressed the latch.

This room was huge and in the shape of a circle. The floor was of black marble supporting Victorian furniture with the wood carved into skulls and claws for the legs of the furniture and red Turkish rugs. I stepped closer into the room looking around at the paintings hanging on the walls. They were portraits of the people I care about: Granma, Heaven, Denise, Zack, Robin, Anna, Kel, Yumi, Avlon, Michael, and Dante. All of them circled the room. All of them were wearing red. I looked up to angels holding an enormous grandiose sliver chandelier which held what I thought a hundred red burning candles. Something caught my attention in my peripheral. I moved to my right. At the windows that over looked the gardens and ponds; the angels they were… gone! My insides fell to the floor and my hair stood on the ends of my skin. I backed away from the room looking around for a way out then the paintings… the paintings were ripped and torn apart!

“No,” I mouthed. My hand came over my chest; my heart was breaking though my chest. I needed to get out of here! I took one of the candles on one of the dressers and busted open the doors to go down the hallway but stopped and let out a scream. The angels… they were on the stairs in stationary inhuman poses, but they did not look like the angelic beings that I knew, they were demonic with mouths full of fangs and claws with eyes that were pitch black and full of vice. They were the most horrendous things I have ever seen in my life; they reminded me of the vampires on that first night I was attacked.

I figured that these beings only moved when I wasn’t looking. That was the perfect way to capture someone. I veer off for one second and I’m dead. I backed away slowly with my eyes still glued to them. In my peripheral to my right I could see them down that hallway too in inhuman positions. Go back in the room, go back in the room! I found the handle and opened it and jumped in slamming it shut holding them both closed. I heard the air spilt and a bang against the doors so loud and powerful it shook the room and myself. I have never been so scared in my life. My breathing was in inadequate and my hands trembled with immense trepidation and consternation. I turned slowly around. I looked up the angels holding the chandelier were gone I looked down; they were before me. I looked past them to the others who were in the windows staring and I was snatched and pulled apart with fangs sinking in – glass breaking from the windows and more enveloped me ripping my dress to shreds. My skin was cut and ripped from my body. I screamed in pain and horror, until I saw one coming to give me the final death strike, into my throat crushing it, smashing my trachea. “Mia,” said a voice, “Mia!” The last of the light faded and darkness fell.

I screamed breaking from the dream.

“Mia!” said my Grandma holding me and caressing my face, “It’s alright baby. It was only a nightmare.” I was sweating and gulping for air. I looked around the room my body was still trembling. She hugged me. “It’s alright. Okay?” she asked softly.

I embraced her back. No it’s not it won’t be ever again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because it is a contradiction and it forshadows the upcoming events. This was actually taken out of a story I am writing called "Teeth." I tried to make it as "Gothic" as possible. Please comment!! Thank you. XOXO

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