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Thunder Rolls

January 12, 2012
By Bluekit GOLD, Rockton, Illinois
Bluekit GOLD, Rockton, Illinois
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The skies let out a deep rumble of thunder. I whimpered in the dark, my head under a blanket.
As long as I can remember, I've always been terrified of thunderstorms.
A crackle of lightning split through the air and filled my room with an erie light.
For that split-second I saw shadows dance across my room.
Suddenly my room seem too dark, too big, too empty.
Creeping out into the hallway, I poked my head into Ichigo's room.
He was sitting at his desk, manga in hand.
I scrambled back into my room, threw a thin, dark purple blanket over my shoulders, and snatched my stuffed animal bunny off my bed.
I slowly crept back into Ichigo's room and poked his back.
"Gahhh!" He screamed, grabbing a bat that happened to be right next to his desk.
Ichigo put down the bat when he saw it was just me, not his estranged father.
"Oh it's just you, Rukia. What are doing up this late?" He asked.
I was about to reply when another rumble of thunder rolled out with a loud bam. This sent me cowering on Ichigo's bed, under the covers.
"Scared of thunderstorms, are you?" He asked chuckling a bit.
I lifted up a corner of the cover and saw he went back to reading.
I yawned and stretched my arms as far as the blanket would allow.
Deciding to lay down, just for a minute, I laid my head onto his soft and welcoming pillow. It smelled strongly of Ichigo and I breathed in his scent.
It was a little bit later and my body refused to fall into peaceful sleep.
The bed suddenly dipped under some one's weight. It was Ichigo, probably wanting to sleep, but too kind to disturb me in my sleep.
I slightly opened one of my eyes to see that his back was to me.
Feeling a sudden shiver of cold overcome me, I moved closer to him.
He must of felt me move closer to him because he turned towards me.
I snuggled close to him becoming very cold for some odd reason.
He wrapped an arm around my waist before asking, "Are you awake?"
"Maybe," I replied.
He pulled me close and I felt myself melt into his chocolate gaze.
He smiled at me. I laid my head on his chest, a feeling of safeness run through me. I closed my eyes.
I fell asleep in his arms, him stroking my hair. Where I wanted to stay, forever.

The author's comments:
I love this pairing. Iciruki forever :)

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