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May 6, 2012
By MatalinNoel PLATINUM, Lexington, Indiana
MatalinNoel PLATINUM, Lexington, Indiana
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"Never give up, Never surrender."

Mello POV:

I ride up to Takada. There are two people standing with her, a blonde and a brunette. Takada whimpers and clings to the brunette.
“Please, don’t take me. Take my little sister instead.”
The brunette pushes her to the blonde.
“ Yeah, real sisterly. Love you too, Takada.”
She turns to me.
“Well, stranger, what say you?”
I nod and she gets on my motorcycle. I drive away, hooking her to me. When we get to the highway cars surround us.
“Idiots. They think I’m my sister.”
I dodge them. When I pull into the truck the girl stands up and walks into the truck. Then I realized I hadn’t unhooked her , yet she was unhooked.
“How’d you get loose?”
She holds up a bobby pin.
“ Duh. I swear, are all geniuses truly just idiots?”
She sits on the ground and pulls a dagger out of her boot.
“ Now, why am I here?”
“ You’re a hostage.”
She rolls her eyes.
I take off my helmet and pull out a chocolate bar. Her eyes widen.
“ Can I have some?”
“Please. I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”
I give her a chocolate bar.
“ Name?”
“ Is that you’re true name?”
“Well, what’s your real name?”
“ Sarah Amarinne Martins. S.A.M.”
“ Why were they so willing to let you go?”
Sarah frowns.
“ Takada hates me. She’d be glad If I got killed. Then she’d be free.”
“ Free from what?”
“Sisterhood. Taking care of a girl with a major weapon fettish. Watching over a killer.”
“ You’re a killer?”
“Yeah. Saved Takada’s life many times. Yet she still hates me.”
I give her more chocolate.
“ Mom died the day I was born. Dad was abusive to us. He hit Takada one day and I just lost it. I killed him and Takada’s hated me ever since. So in a sick, twisted way, I’m actually on your side. Your turn.”
I sigh.
“That wasn’t our deal Sarah but…..ok. My alias is Mello, seeing as I’m anything but that. My real name is Mihael Keehl. I’m an orphan. I am 20 years old. I have a best friend whose alias is Matt. His real name is Mail Jeevas. I have an enemy named Near.”
“Oh! I know Near. He’s not too happy with me at the moment. Something about blowing his HQ up? I thought it was empty I promise.”
“you blew his HQ up?”
She nods.
She grins at me and pulls a black notebook out of her pocket.
“Guess what!”
“ This,”
She holds up the notebook.
“Is a Death Note. Since we know each others names I’ve decided to give it to Near.”
“Does he know your name?”
“Yeah. You’re point?”
“Aren’t you afraid of dying?”
“ No. I’ve seen so much death I’m not afraid of it anymore.”
“That’s sad. You’re how old?”
“ Twenty, and you’re a killer?”
“ Yep. That about sums it up.”
“That’s sad.”
She nods.
“I guess, but it’s not as bad as say…. Being the leader of the American mafia. Am I right?”
She looks at me knowingly.
“ How could you know?”
“I work with Takada therefore I know a lot about you…. Coco-bear.”
( AN: Coco-bear:-Mello’s nickname from his father)
“ No fair. That’s blackmail.”
She grins.
“I already told Near.”
I glare and begin chasing her around the room. Matt walks in and stares at us for a moment.
“ coco-bear. Coco-bear! COCO-BEAR!!!!”
Matt grabs her as she runs past him and she grins up at him.
“Hi Mail.”
“How could you know?”
She points at me.
“Mello told me.”
He looks at me.
“Matt, meet Sarah, our hostage.”
He looks at her, contemplating. After a moment he shrugs.
“I give up. Who is she?”
“ Takada’s sister. She’s on our side now.”
“ So how does she know my name?”
“ She worked with Takada. She’s a murderer.”
“Murderer is such a strong word. I prefer, Mello, a killer, if you will. Anyways, I’m tired. Got a place to sleep?”
“ Yeah. You can have my bed. I’ll sleep on the floor.”
“We could share it, if you don’t mind.”
“Carry me. Pretty please Mello?”
I sigh.
I carry her to my room and drop her onto the bed.
“ Do I have to sleep in this? EW!”
I toss her some black PJ’s and take off my shirt while she changes (in the bathroom).
AN: Mello fan girls: OMG! Mello with no shirt on! ‘ all pass out’
Mello: ‘walks in’ Thanks. ‘slaps author’ You killed them.
Me: ‘smiles’ No you did, with your +6-pack abs. It’s your fault.
Mello: ‘thinks’ You’re right. I hate when you out think me!
Me: That’s the reason I do it as much as possible! Back to the story!

“What are you doing?”
I turn to Sarah.
“ I sleep shirtless.”
She rolls her eyes and lays down.
“Whatever. Night Mels.”
I lay down beside her after turning off the light. She trembles.
“ Darkness brings back bad memories.”
I put my arms around her.
“It’s ok. I’m here. Nothing can hurt you.”
I begin to hum and soon hear her breathing slow. I fall asleep soon after. I wake up before her and am making myself some hot chocolate when I hear her scream. I suddenly remember.


“Darkness brings back bad memories.”

:End flashback

I run upstairs and turn on my bedroom light.
“ Hush Sarah! I’m here.”
I carry her to the kitchen and give her some chocolate pancakes.
“So what’s on the agenda for the day?”
“ We’re going to take the death note to Near.”
‘ Will I be tied up?`”
“Yes. Handcuffed. Sorry Sarah.”
“It’s ok.”
“keep them on until we leave or I say otherwise. Ok?”
She salutes mockingly.
“Yes sir, Mr. Coco-bear, sir! Can we take the motorcycle?”
“ Sure. Have a helmet.”
I throw her a helmet. We get on my motorcycle and drive to Near’s HQ. I put the handcuffs on her.
“ Let’s go Sam.”
She glares at me as we walk into Near’s office.
“ Hello Sarah, Mello. Long time, no see.”
“Yeah. Look, I have a hostage, you don’t. I’m winning.”
“ The way I see it Miss Martins here is no hostage. She looks far to relaxed. Am I correct, Miss Martins?”
“ You see. She’s not a hostage if you’re kind to her. You kidnapped the wrong person. The Sarah I know can pick locks, which makes me believe you have somehow convinced her not to try. Am I correct?”
“ Hey, forget this. We’ve come to give you a death note. You know I can kill you before you finish the S in my name, so I don’t advise you try to use it for my death.”
“ Why would I kill you? You’ve done nothing wrong. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome Near. Come on Mello. We’ve done our part. Let’s go home.”
We start to drive back only to be surrounded by cars.
“ Why? They know it’s me by now. Oh Lord!”
A gun is pointing out of a window of one of the cars.
“Drive, Mello, Drive!”

Two shots and I saw black.

The author's comments:
I AM SO SORRY!!!!!! Don’t hate me. Please. It was a hard story to write. I hated killing Mello and Sarah. Sorry! Forgive me please. I am so sorry for killing them!

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