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Fighting With Parents

September 16, 2013
By morganalexandra GOLD, Germantown, Kentucky
morganalexandra GOLD, Germantown, Kentucky
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The bright baby blue sky was starting to darken with almost black clouds. It would start to rain soon, but Ann didn’t want to go back inside to her parents. Her dark red hair was starting to get wet, but so were her baby blue eye and her emerald green eye. She and her parents had said some hurtful things to each other.

“I should have just stayed with my adoptive father!” She had shouted, and watched as her mother’s emerald green eyes fill with tears and her father’s baby blue eyes fill with hurt. So, she ran outside.

“Ann, sweetie, are you okay?” Her mother’s voice came through her thoughts. She shook her head.

“I’m just going to get my stuff, you won’t have to worry about me anymore.” Ann said as she turned around to look at her mother.

Toni, as everyone called her, looked like a mess. Her brown hair was all over the place, her eyes were bloodshot, and there were tears tracks on her golden cheeks.

“Do you really want to go?” Toni asked, she looked like she was ready to break down again.

“No, not really, but I thought that you wouldn’t want me anymore.” Ann responded, “I’m sorry about what I said.” She started to cry again, her mother embraced her.

“It’s okay sweetie.” Toni said, rocking her daughter back and forth, soothing her with those words. She heard the little splash of steps and realized her husband was here. She looked up and as emerald green met baby blue, they smiled, glad that their daughter was staying with them.

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