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Attack On Titan (FanFiction)

January 24, 2014
By PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
PirateCountry DIAMOND, Muncie, Indiana
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“Eren!” Mikasa screeched.

Eren was lifted high into the air by a 12 meter titan. It held the boy by his leg, dangling him upside down dangerously close to its open mouth. Eren screamed in reply, thrashing violently in the giant’s grip.

Mikasa swung onto the rooftop behind the giant and slashed at the vulnerable area at the back of its neck. But her cut was unusually shallow. The titan merely swatted her away. She was thrown against the tile of the roof where she lay moaning.

Armin tried distracting the beast. He cut at its calves and feet, trying to immobilize it. But it ignored him, dropping Eren closer into its mouth.

Jean shouted at the top of his lungs, uselessly cutting into the titan’s regenerating flesh. He couldn’t get a good angle at its neck from where he was positioned. He was counting on Mikasa to deliver the final blow. But she had failed.

Unable to watch any longer, I bit off the skin on the back of my hand, drawing blood. Within a few seconds, I had turned into a towering giant in a flash of blinding light, roaring with rage.

The titan, momentarily stunned by the flash, dropped Eren. If I hadn’t snatched him out of the air, he would have landed in the titan’s mouth where he would have been crushed by teeth and swallowed.

I set him down next to Mikasa on the roof and turned to finish off the other giant. I threw a few half-hearted punches at it, hoping to discourage it and that in time it would run along. Then, some other scouts would kill it.

But it put up a vicious fight, catching me in the jaw before I could react. I tumbled backwards, shocked by its strength. In my daze, I heard Jean shout from down below.

“Lure it this way! I don’t have a clear shot at its neck from here!”

Clutching my jaw, I kicked it in the shins. Fueled by fury, it ran at me. I ran away from it, luring it towards Jean as he had instructed. Before I knew it, the Scout had sliced off a chunk of skin from its neck and it topped over, crushing an abandoned building.

I barely had time to smile at the victory. Two more titans approached us from either side. I glanced at Eren and Mikasa. They were both still fuzzy eyed and dizzy. I saw Armin use his 3D maneuvering device to reach them and check their vitals. He gave me a thumbs up, indicating that they were unharmed.

I turned my attention back to the twin titans.

Jean had taken cover behind my foot. I gently shoved him out of the way with my toes, not wanting him to get hurt. He scowled at me. I growled in reply and he scurried away to help Armin get Eren and Mikasa to safety.

I waited for the titans to get closer. Their footsteps made the ground shake. They were fast but I could see it in their eyes that they lacked intelligence.

They would never guess what I had in mind for them.

As soon as they were within arm’s reach, I grabbed their heads and pushed them together. Their skulls smashed against each other with a crunching sound and they fell to the ground, their weak spots vulnerable.

Sasha and Connie swooped in and quickly delivered the killing cuts.

I surveyed the landscape, looking for more titans. There we none.

We had done it.

We wiped them out.

We reclaimed Wall Maria and wiped them out.

I let out an enormous sigh and felt my body shrink back to its human state. I sat down on the pavement, waiting for the others to arrive.

The author's comments:
Wouldn't it be amazing if we could turn into a Titan like Eren? This is a short scene I wrote about myself if I could do that.

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