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January 20, 2015
By AAPhoenix GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
AAPhoenix GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I shifted uneasily in my seat. The air was cold. If anyone knew what was going on with me, they’d send me to psychiatric help or an asylum. That would be better than this, though. At least in a mental hospital it couldn’t hurt me.
It seemed as though the all it wanted was to make me suffer. My fear began with only small noises, like growling. It would always make e believe I was being followed, even when I was alone in my room.
Then there was laughter. The dark laughter you would hear from a stereotypical movie villain or murderous psychopath.
I soon lost parts of my memory. Sometimes I would be walking home then wake up in my room with no recollection of my walk. Then it became more drastic. Entire days began to disappear from my memory.
There became times when I would wake up with something red and caked onto my hands. I remember there were small cuts on my arms. I began wearing long sleeves so no one would notice.
I became afraid. I couldn’t be sure if the fear was of that monster controlling me, or if it was just fear of myself.’
In the most recent night, its laughter woke me up. I huddled myself in a corner and covered my head, hoping it would go away, but it didn’t. Everything went black for a moment. When I woke once more, the smell of copper filled was in the air.

The author's comments:

So, this is my other entry for that one contest (with Those Red Numbers (Yay! Italics!)). This story is based off the song, "Monster" by Skillet (awesome band). My friend was shaking after reading this, then she yelled at me to write more.

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