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Three Sisters

September 18, 2010
By Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
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By Endurance We Conquer ~Ernest Shackleton

Long ago, when the world was still being molded, Yhi, the goddess of light, took human form and went down to earth. Only one tribe of humans lived at the time. She came to educate and help them, as well as add the finishing touches to this brand new planet. However, while she resided on earth, she came to fall in love with the chief of the tribe. When she rose back to her home in the heavens, she was heavy with child. She cursed herself at her foolish mistake, but when three baby girls were born, she knew that she could not banish them. She named them Abmba, Kareela, and Teangi and let them grow up in the playground of the Milky Way.

Many years passed, and the three sisters became young women. It was difficult for them; they aged faster than the rest of the gods, because of their human heritage, but grew slower than the humans. Because of their human blood, they had many human characteristics. They constantly needed something do, touch, or see. They had stronger feelings than the gods; they harbored more compassion, love, and wonder. Although they had some of the power of the gods, it was weaker and they had trouble meditating. It annoyed the other gods, and they were constantly in the way.

The gods went to Yhi and told her that the three sisters could no longer stay. They weren’t fit to live as gods and would only cause trouble. Sadly, Yhi called her three daughters and explained. She then banished them to live on Earth.

At first, the three sisters were devastated. They wept for days. Their tears ran together and formed what is today known as Lake Eyre. Once their grief had subsided, and they looked around, they found that it wasn’t so bad after all. Their god-like powers aloud them to shaped the elements, and there was so much more to see and do. They began to enjoy their new home and gradually went their separate ways.

Abmba found her way to what is now known as the Tasman Sea. She had fallen in love with the water and lived happily among the waves. She became the creator of much sea life.

Kareela settled in what is now the city of Perth. She loved the wind on her face, and would often use her powers to fly like a bird. This is one of the reasons Perth is considered the windiest place in Australia. She created many creatures of the air, including the colorful Western Rosella.
Teangi, who loved the earth, traveled far and wide across the land. She created valleys and mountains and animals of the earth as she went. Many are still here today, such as the kangaroo and emu.

After a while, they each became lonely. Their wonderful discoveries and powers weren’t as amazing with no one to share them with. So they came together and held a council. They decided to create a place to live, somewhere they could all be happy.

Teangi began by bringing forth hills and peaks from the ground, and covering them with trees and wild life. Abmba took water from the earth and created streams, cascading waterfalls, and pristine lakes. She gave the animals and plants water to survive and they thrived. Kareela left her token by causing cool breezes and blue haze that made the green hills and rocky peaks seem mysterious and enchanted. That is why they are now called the Blue Mountains.

Many years passed, and the three sisters became caught up in their mountain home. In the world outside the hazy peaks, the human race had come to more fully populate the earth. The three sisters were gradually forgotten. Unlike the gods, the sisters would eventually grow old and die due to their mortal blood. They loved their home dearly and wanted to stay there forever. Slowly, they became one with the mountain, so that they never had to leave. There they stand today, besides each other, watching over the peaks and valleys. That is how Three Sisters Rock came to be.

The author's comments:
This is a folktale on how Three Sisters Rock and the Blue Mountains (Australia) came to be.

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