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Battle of Richmond

January 20, 2011
By kieranh SILVER, Levittown, Pennsylvania
kieranh SILVER, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Days go by while we wonder when and where we are going. All we get is walk no talk from our General. He has not spoken in two days and we are all worried. General Lee said he heard voices during the night so he went outside and saw two teenage boys with binoculars and told them to scram. They could have been part of the North trying to capture us. When we got to Richmond we rested all day. There we got food, something to drink and somewhere to sleep.

The next day we got up and heard voices. Then we heard drums beating. Finally, we saw a group on Northern troops. Then and there we knew it was time to fight. We picked up our guns and uniforms and got lined up ready. We knew this was an important battle because we were in Richmond and this was our capital for the South. Once everyone was lined up our three day battle began. One by one people were dying beside me and over on the north side. I was having trouble breathing with the fresh aroma of dead bodies floating throughout the battlefield. Also my head was totally out of it because my friends and people I talk to getting captured injured or even getting killed beside me.

At the end of the fight we won and I survived. So did most people of the South that fought. Only 80 people died or were injured. A couple were captured. I hurt my hamstring really bad though. On our next walk to the north I sat out on the trail letting everyone get ahead.

Finally two Northern natives walked up and dragged me to there camp. When we got to their camp they gave me two choices to choose from. I could either receive treatment for my leg and help fight for them. Or they could take a musket and shoot me. I chose the treatment. It wasn’t a hard choice but when we got back onto the battlefield it was. The south came by to fight in what is known as the Battle of Antietam. This was the deadliest battle ever in one day in American history. Once the battle started people died everywhere I felt like I was invisible because I wasn’t dying. After the battle I didn’t die but when we left the battle there was trouble. 200 of us were walking with me in the back. Two southern slaves grabbed me and took me into the woods. They punched me beat me up and left me there to rot. I got up and started walking when BOOM

The author's comments:
In school we learned about the importance of the Civil War so i wrote about it

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