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The Unsinkable Sinks

March 20, 2012
By Bluekit GOLD, Rockton, Illinois
Bluekit GOLD, Rockton, Illinois
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It was April 14, 1912. At midnight, a jolt had woken us up. Then a soft knock was heard on our door. Papa turned on the light and opened the door.

“We are doing a practice drill. Please put on your warmest clothes and come to the top deck,” a crew member stated.

Mama put my fur coat on me and slipped into her own. It felt soft and warm. Papa joined us and locked the door behind him.

We hurried onto the deck and saw a huge crowd. The Titanic had 2,228 people on it, as Papa told me. I could smell the salty ocean air, and the stench of fish.

Our bright orange life jackets were given to us. Suddenly, chaos brooke loose.

people were screaming about the iceberg hitting The Titanic. The captain ordered women and children to board the lifeboats first. The crew started ushering women and children onto the lifeboats.

A shot rang out and I spotted a man drop to the ground. His shirt was already soaked in blood. Mama’s face turned white. A crew member grabbed Mama and I, and pulled us into a lifeboat.

“Papa!” I cried, reaching out my hand. He called to Mama and me, but we were already being lowered into the ocean. I saw a man shove Papa back. He was still calling Mama’s name, Claire, over and over.

I saw three other little girls, two little boys, and their mothers on the lifeboat.
The mothers started talking in hushed whiskpers about what was happening.
We hit the water with a light thud and a splash and slowly began to drift off.

I still could hear people screaming. I wondered what would happen to us and Papa. Two and half hours later The Titanic was completely underwater. My mama began to cry. I snuggled close to her and wathced the stars.

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Another English project. I'm probley just gonna upload all my English pieces.

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