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A Girl

April 12, 2012
By RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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The year was nineteen twenty one I was a young ten year old child at this time my only hobby was sitting in front of are large radio and listening to my favorite broad casts. What else was a young child with no friends to do. I got lost in the world of make believe imagining I was a beautiful flapper girl with bobbed hair and a fancy red dress maybe even a fur coat. Mom always said you where not a proper lady with out your own fur coat. Of course she would say that my father got her a new one every week! And me well I got a toy every once and a while as well. One day after school on a Wednesday I ran home as fast as I possibly could to catch my favorite broad cast The Shadow. It was a fantastic show with a tall business man who at night turned invisible to reek havoc on evil doers. Once I was home I turned to the channel.

“Welcome to this weeks broad cast of the shadow.” The broad caster said enthusiastically as an evil cackle echoed in the background. I zoned out imagining the characters in my head after about fifteen minutes a light knock came from my door. Standing up I looked through the eye hole my mother stood on the other side her face coe3 Standing up I looked through the eye hole my mother stood on the other side her face covered by her light Carmel colored hair. This was strange she was always so happy. Hesitantly opening the door my mother grabbed my arm pulling me out side and carrying me to the car. I finally got a look at her tear stained face and it caught me by surprise, my mother had never been sad like this,. “M-ma?”

She grunted to show she was listening. “are you ok? Where are we going?” my voice was drenched in panic. Mother sat me in the car and started the engine driving for a few moments.

“We are lleaving and we aren’t coming back.” I examined my mother while she said this. Shaking, she was shaking violently. Now that I looked closely her usually soft, silky hair was in a frazil some of it even missing.

“is father coming?” I ask quietly.

“Hell no!” her voice was laced with so much venom it caused me to flinch away.


Later that night we slept in a cheap motel I laid awake thinking all night. What if my family was broken up forever? The next four days where quiet there was little talking. Little of anything at all.

Then on the fifth day my mother applied for divorce. That night I cried so hard that my chest hurt and my eyes where swollen. Days started to blur together as did time hours minutes everything. It was abnormal for me to talk or respond to anything. I was the walking dead.
School was boring I sat alone everyday then one day a girl with blonde pig tails tapped on my shoulder during class. “Hello” her voice was soft like silk and it sounded like a bell.
“’Ello,” I replied my voice raspy and dry.
“Your always alone do you have friends?” I shook my head. “Then ill be your friend.”

From that day forth life seemed to brighten up. Every thing was perfect. Everyday was better then the last.

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