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December 15, 2012
By Acastillo GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Acastillo GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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My Dearest Darling,

I am writing you beside the candle light in my tent. I can see all of the stars clearly from here, they remind me of the twinkle in your eyes when you look at me. Oh how I miss you dearly and of course, our young daughter. I am sorry that I had to go, it was my choice to leave for the war, and although you may not understand now, I hope you soon will.

The war conditions are harsh. Just yesterday, ten soldiers from our regiment were killed from a hidden landmine. I am fine, for now. I have not been seriously injured, though a bullet shaved the side of my arm. I don’t know when I will be home; so far it is impossible to know who has the upper hand in this war. It’s hard seeing everyone in pain. Everyday soldiers come back seriously injured and it scares me thinking of all of the possibilities. To tell you the truth, I am somewhat scared; I have never had to go through something this serious before. Oh how I wish I was back with you, I would give anything just to see your face again, even for minutes, I wouldn’t mind. What we eat is nothing compared to your gracious meals and home cooking.

I hope to be coming home soon to see you and our little daughter; you are the reason I’m living. I haven’t given up; I shall fight for you until the end. But for now, do not worry for me my love, I will be fine. Give our daughter a kiss goodnight for me and let her know I will be home soon.

My Dearest Love,

Our daughter has now reached two months old. She has your deep sea blue eyes, your nose, my strawberry blonde hair, and my grin. Her cheeks are a beautiful flushed color and when she smiles her toothless grin, I nearly shed a tear. She’s so much like you already, I can tell.

We have been making it through the hard times, I’m thankful for your brother to be helping us. Before every meal, we sit around the table with your family and pray for your safety. You’re all I think about every day and I just pray that you will come home nothing but safe. I have heard of all that has been happening in the cruel war, all of the soldiers killed. I also pray for the families of the injured and killed; everyone. No one should ever have to go through all of that unbearable pain; it’s just terrible.

I miss you very much. I sit every day awaiting your return, I am hopeful; I will never give into fear. I do worry about you, though I try to remain optimistic as you would do if it was I. Good luck, I will see you soon.


My regiment has been assigned an important mission. Though I cannot tell you what it is, I will say that it is dangerous, very. Whether or not I make it through this, I would like you to know one thing and one thing only; I love you.

I always knew from the start that it was always you. I can recall clearly when I first saw you on that brilliant summer day. You were wearing a sea mist green dress, the exact shade of your eyes. You had on a pearl necklace, your lips were painted a bright coral red, and your strawberry blonde hair was pinned back. You were sitting in the grass of the park, engrossed in a novel. I must admit; I was head over heels from the first second you met my eye. You were polite and had the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen. That night, you allowed me to walk you home and from then on, I knew I had to see you again.

I currently sit under the stars so bright; surely they must shine down for you. Promise you won’t forget me, ever. And promise me one other thing; you won’t let our daughter get the wrong perception of me. Please give her a kiss and a long hug for me and when you believe the time is right, tell her of me. Forget me not my love. Please don’t cry over me; your tears are far too valuable, all I ask is that you stay strong for our daughter. I love you with all of my heart.
Goodbye My Love,


Tears stain this page. It wasn’t long before an officer showed up and gave me the slip. I can’t stand the thought of never seeing your face again, your mysterious dark eyes, but I will stay strong for our daughter. I love you. You will never be forgotten, in my heart you shall always be.
Forever and always,


Our daughter is now two years old. She looks like you, in every way. She even spoke her first word; daddy. It brought tears to my eyes, but I didn’t let them spill over. Your family and I went to the cemetery to visit and she put the flowers down on your gravestone. I still write to you, though I know you won’t return the favor. All that matters to me is that I know you’re listening.

Dear Daddy,

I am seven years old. I miss you a lot. Mommy told me that you were a soldier in the war and that you passed away. I always wondered where you were. I have good grades in school and lots of friends. Mommy tells me that the war is over now. It makes me happy; I don’t want anyone to lose anyone else.


It has been a while since I’ve wrote to you, but it’s not because I have forgotten, I never will. I decided to wear the necklace that you gave me for my twentieth birthday years ago, the one with the blue heart pendant. I recall that when you first gave it to me, I was very confused. I thought that the heart was supposed to be red; I thought that red was perhaps the color of love and blue was the sign of grievance and sadness. I never really could understand what it stood for until now.

The whole of your family are pleasant, though they miss you terribly. Ann just had her eleventh birthday, she’s growing up quickly. I’m doing fine, for now.

Dear Dad,

Mom has fallen very ill. She lies in bed currently, running a high fever. The family took it upon themselves to take care of her and even Uncle has used his pay for a doctor to come see her. The doctor says there is no cure for whatever disease she contracted and that she doesn’t have long left. I spend every minute I possibly can with her; every day the family and I pray for her. I try to remain hopeful; I try to convince myself that she will be fine.

I have turned fourteen. Mom says I look a lot like you, but I would never know, would I? She showed me your old letters from during the war after me demanding to know more about you. She also showed me a few photographs of you two when you were young. I wish you could be here, helping me with mom. I don’t think I have needed you more than I need you now. I just don’t know what to do right now with mother in this condition. I rarely leave the house; I only stay home to watch her. I have even stopped going to school and as a result; my grades have fallen. I don’t mind though, as long as I get to spend all of my time with mom. She is all I really have at this point. I’m not ready for her to leave; not yet. I love her with all my heart, maybe you’re the only one who truly understands. I miss you.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Surprisingly after tragedy, life endures. I’ve come to except the fact that life is not truly fair. I don’t have either of you by my side and I’ll admit it’s tough. There have been times when I considered giving up because I had no one there for me, but I stayed strong for the both of you. I hope you’re proud of me.

I miss both of you very much. I made my promise that I wouldn’t forget all you stood for. Some may never understand you both, or even me. But I promise, pinky promise as mom and I would do all those years ago, that I won’t let you go, no matter how hard life gets, I won’t give up on the both of you.
Love your daughter,

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Dont really know why i wrote this, but i hope you enjoy :)

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