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The Farmer Learns a Lesson

March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

There once lived an old man, and his wife. They worked together on a small farm in Tulum, Mexico. Their farm was the most plentiful out of all the farms in Tulum, and the old man and his wife had food on their plates every night, and could supply their fellow Mayan's with food and other agricultural products as well. They had so much luck and wonderful animals.

One day, a wise old man at the temple in Tulum told the little town that a drought was coming. The farmer and his didn't worry, they had survived many, many droughts and always come out with plenty in the end. The two went on home back to their farm, and continued their work.

The days went on, and there was still no rain. Then one day, about a week after the wise old man told them of the drought, there was no rain. The couple was optimistic, of course, as they always worry. “Rain will come back” they would say. Another week went by, and there was still no rain.

The couple began to worry, for the first time in a long time. Without rain, their crops would not grow, they would not make money, and the town would be without good food to eat. Their animals were thirsty, and they couldn't supply them.

The farmer's wife suggested they take a journey to Chichen Itza to the main religion center, to pray to Chaac, the rain god. They would ask him for rain. After a long walk, they made it to Chichen Itza. Once they got their, they got on their knees and prayed before a portrait of Chaac.

“Chaac, please bless us with good rain water. We provide for the town and for our animals, and we need your rain so they can survive.” the old farmer and his wife beggedfChac. They went back home, to a rain-less Tulum. They remained optimistic that Chaac would answer their prayers and they would soon be blessed with water for their crops. They kept their hopes up, and every week they journeyed back to Chichen Itza to pray.

“Chaac, please bless us with good rain water. We provide for the town and for our animals, and we your rain so they can survive.”

The farmer and his wife heard a voice come after their prayer.

“You must prove to me you are worthy of rainwater.”
The voice was deep and echoed throughout the center. The farmer and his wife rejoiced! Chaac! They cried! They would prove him worthy. Back they went to Tulum and their they kept their hopes up for rain. They were optimistic and did good deeds for the town.

One day, they awoke to a dark and rainy day. They were so happy they could prove to Chaac that they were worthy of good rain, and soon the town was replenished. They learned that if you keep your hopes and up and remain optimistic, anything is possible!

The author's comments:
This is a story about a Mayan farmer and his wife, and how they learn an important lesson from Chaac the Rain God.

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