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The White and the Black

April 3, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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Birds of black were, usually, representatives of evil or darkness but in this murder case, they weren’t the murderers but the victims…

The black birds were simply in the forest doing whatever birds most do when…they came.

Swift, they were, with their white wings and sharp claws. They had grabbed the black birds and chained the black birds’ claws in one quick and swift motion.

The black birds cawed for help but no one came.

With their white wings in the air and their white-hooded eyes staring angrily at the captured black birds, the white birds screamed their usual bird call, “Kaw! Kaw! Kaw!”

Then, that was when the white birds began their work of “torture and kill”.

First, the white birds whipped their white wings at the black birds which the wings were so strong that the black birds had a new, fresh bleeding cut every time the white wings hit their bodies. Second, the white birds used their steel-like beaks to harvest black feathers. Next, they chained the beaten-up, black birds to trees and whipped their wings at them again. Lastly, the white birds used fire to finish their job.

The white birds shouted in triumph of finishing their job as they took off one by one into the darkened sky.

They flew until they found their next flock of black birds to kill; shouting their usual bird call:
“Kaw! Kaw! Kaw!”

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