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It's Raining Outside

January 27, 2019
By doglover2019 BRONZE, Washington Dc, District Of Columbia
doglover2019 BRONZE, Washington Dc, District Of Columbia
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“I’m sorry to say this but the test results came back positive.” That is what the doctor told me on the worst day of my life. The day that my life changed forever. The day I found out I had a brain tumor. Now I am sitting in my hospital bed. I have always feared dying. My whole life. But now that I’m about to die, I don't fear it. It feels natural. Anything to escape the pain. I pull the pill out of my pocket, and stare at it hard. My disease it terminal, incurabe. This is my only cure. I found it on the black market as soon as I was diagnosed. I needed to know that there was a way to escape. I look at the pill. So small, but worth so much. I take this, and one minute later I’ll be gone. Off this earth. I look around my hospital room. It's raining outside. I still have things to do, people to love, children to care for, and worlds to save. I can’t take it, I have to take it. I take the pill and make the most important decision of my life and possibly the last.

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