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My Dream

April 9, 2009
By jazzyjazzy45 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
jazzyjazzy45 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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As I walk down this path that I have chosen. I have to stop and wonder what would have happen if i would have taken another one instead of this one. I want to know would anything change or would things stay the same. Would my Dream still be set in my heart? I would never know. I just knnow i can't stop I have to keep going. If I don't than who will.I always think about this conatanty. It's like a repetition in my minf or a daily routine. I want to fulfill this dream deep in my heart.People say,"Go for your dream or Reach for the stars",but what if you feel that your star is a little bit higher than others. What do you do than? No one seems to know the answer or no one dares to tell me the truth. Which is to just give up on everything. I don't want to give up. My impossible will be possible. I just need to a little help that's all. When i get bettr everything will be ok. At least I hope so, I wish I could take back the choices that I had made.I know what's done is done and I can't take it back. My dream must come true that's the only thing I have to live for. My mom died when I was only 10.She was addicted to herion. I think she love shotting up more than me. What my mother love so much took her life. Now I might be following in her foot steps. I used to be the smartest kid at my school with a really good voice. I could out sing anybody. People said I was. I did't belive them,but now i do. I used to didn't know who I am but now i know.I'm Ashley B. a 16 year old who's a talented crack addicted prostitue who all my life wanted to sing and be famous.

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sorry about any misspelled word and grammer. Could you please give me feed back thanks

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