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May 12, 2019
By Paige_Lattea BRONZE, Doylestown, Ohio
Paige_Lattea BRONZE, Doylestown, Ohio
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10… 9… 8… seconds I have seconds. Before they felt like air, lighter than a cloud. Time was inevitable. But now I have seconds slowly ticking faster and faster as my breath gets heavier and heavier. There is a weight on my chest I can’t seem to get off. How do  I stop it? It wasn’t even my fault honestly… 7… 6… the machine keeps saying numbers, counting down. I was trying to get the needle out of my arm but I can’t feel it anymore. My arm my fingers they’re gone. Not really though it seems they’re gone but I can see them. I start to panic trying to move my arm but can’t seem to tell if it’s moving or not. The weight on my chest gets heavier and it’s hard to breathe. How did I manage to get here? I think back to everything that got me in this grey place. I think long and hard as I play everything over in my head. Me on the bench. Me and the  girl (who couldn’t have been more than 20) talking. Me taking the girl shopping. Me drugging the girl. Me pulling her in my car… driving far far far. And then the scream and the plunk noise. That wonderful, hard, loud plunk noise. The scream however is all i hear over and over. I think back to how it got to be this way. 10 years ago I met Henry. 10 months ago we divorced. 10 hours ago I was going to be killed in this place. 10 minutes ago I didn’t care. Henry taught me to never care. He was insane but I was crazy. Je made me even crazier though. As he murdered the people, I cleaned up. Scream after scream who would of guessed it would make you crazy? Till I learned what he planned to make. A monster if you would. An army even. A killing machine. For you, he would say, it’s all for you but the screams rang on in my head and I said No. 10 months ago I got divorced. Then at night after a while it was all you could hear. The screams echoed loudly. Loud, high pitched, blood curling screams, you couldn’t even hear yourself think that’s how loud they were. It makes a girl go crazy you know? So I did what Henry would do I hunted. The girl’s scream was beautiful nothing crazy about it. But somehow I got caught surprising really seeing how I was always cleaned up so well with Henry. So I managed to go crazy they say and ended up in this hell hole of a place. The grey walls, floors, bars, doors, windows with no light who would've guessed it would make you crazy? So I sat for 5 months and watched out the grey window that was bared up so no you couldn’t actually see anything. My roommates complained that I talked in my sleep said some pretty weird shit so I got put by myself. No harm done though their screams ran through my head at night. So I waited and waited and the screams got louder and louder and the guards did their research and stayed clear. Until yesterday when they pulled my records up connecting me to all of Henry murders. I believe they were going to start giving me rights but whatever. Apparently I have never been a good cleaner upper because my evidence was left all over Henry’s murders. So I waited and didn’t care as they told me I had hours left and I was going to die. And then I only had 10 hours left and I still didn’t care not until 10 seconds. When I was sitting in the white room with the white bed the cold hard needles in my arms. As the machine counted down out loud and the screams only got louder. 5… 4 … 3… I opened my eyes I don’t want to die. … 2… 1 Goodbye. The screams stopped and all there was, was silence.

The author's comments:

This story came to me when I had to write a stroy based on the number 10. This story isn't real. It is based on a girl about to die of lethal injection.

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